Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2023 Written Episode: Abhira and Armaan Clash, Courtroom Drama Unfolds!

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At the beginning of the episode, Armaan says that I need to speak to Ruhi. Abhira calls Akshara and asks whether Yuvraj did anything to her. Armaan’s phone is charging. Abhira calls Akshara again. He sees his phone getting on. He sees the car coming and brakes. Armaan and Abhira see each other and shout at you. She considers the dent in her car. They start arguing. Akshara gets her message and smiles. He gets Dadi’s message. They continue arguing. They go their separate ways.

Manish inquires about Ruhi’s reason for going to her room, to which Ruhi replies that she is exhausted. Surekha then mentions that she must have eaten ice cream the night before. Ruhi playfully jokes about it. Her friend reminds her of multiple missed calls, prompting Ruhi to question who answers calls at 3 am. Suwarna asks for an update on her date, to which Ruhi responds that it was canceled due to work commitments. She also praises the understanding nature of the man in question. She then asks Suwarna about food but receives a call instead. Manish takes the phone and advises balancing work and personal life. Abhira then brings up Yuvraj’s lawyer, who was mentioned by Champa, revealing her identity and suggesting they find out more about this person’s strengths and weaknesses. Akshara dismisses the idea, stating that it doesn’t matter. However, Abhira insists on finding out this information.

As they discuss the scratch on the car, Akshara inquires about whose responsibility it is. Abhira clarified that the previous guests had taken it, which was not his own. Akshara then reminds him that they must gather evidence and witnesses for their case. Apologizing, she leaves, and Abhira agrees, acknowledging the importance of finding a good lawyer. Later, while thanking Sanjay over the phone, Jagrat contemplates telling Armaan the truth. Still, Sanjay advises against it, telling him to let Armaan fight for his innocence with his principles intact. Understanding this, Jagrat agrees not to make any more mistakes.

Armaan addresses the driver, who then notices Yuvraj and falsely claims he was intoxicated. Armaan proceeds to question Yuvraj, who also denies any wrongdoing. Requesting to see Yuvraj’s phone to check his bank account, Armaan argues with Jagrat and insists on seeing the phone. Eventually, Jagrat agrees, and Armaan examines the device. Apologizing for his suspicions, Armaan informs them that Yuvraj’s account contains only his earned salary. The driver checks a received message of 10 lakhs.

Yuvraj is urging action while the opposition attempts to remove him from his position. Amidst this political madness, a man tragically lost his life. Sadly, compassion seems to be nonexistent in these situations. If possible, could you assist me? The police warned us not to speak with Anurag’s family, but perhaps you could communicate with them. We are more than willing to offer our support. Armaan agrees and offers to talk with their lawyer – who is their lawyer? Yuvraj reveals it is Akshara Sharma. Abhira expresses uncertainty about the lawyer’s identity. Armaan requests the driver’s financial records and those of his family as he cannot trust him. Reporters question Armaan about Yuvraj’s case. Abhira mentions hearing an unfamiliar voice and vows to uncover its source. She throws a stone at Armaan, causing him to turn around and asking why she sent someone after him like Kanha Ji.

Ruhi confides in her friend regarding Armaan, expressing her reluctance to disappoint her family. Her friend points out the lack of effort on his part – missed dates and apologies, indicating a lack of respect for Ruhi. However, Ruhi defends him by claiming to have seen love in his eyes. Her friend brings up the question of waiting for someone who may not reciprocate the same feelings, but Ruhi is adamant in her stance of not being able to let go of him. She argues that if Armaan had no intentions of seeing her, he wouldn’t have put together such a romantic date and declares with conviction that he will reach out to her. Meanwhile, Armaan arrives at his hotel room and decides to address the situation with Ruhi. However, before he can do so, he receives a call from Sanjay asking about Jagrat and Yuvraj’s meeting with him.

Armaan confirms that finding evidence is crucial. Sanjay then reveals that the driver has confessed to causing the accident, making it a clear-cut case. However, Armaan points out that they must ensure the driver’s confession is truthful. Sanjay mentions their shared goal of winning the case at any cost, with Maasa’s support. Armaan agrees and informs them that Akshara Mam is their lawyer. Sanjay expresses confidence in Armaan being able to defeat her quickly, but Armaan disagrees, acknowledging her skill as a lawyer. Akshara asks if Armaan is representing Yuvraj, which prompts Abhira to dismiss him as a wrong person who pretends to be good but is mean. Just then, they notice Armaan’s presence nearby.

Akshara inquires about his well-being, to which he responds positively. She apologizes for her previous actions. However, Abhira intervenes and argues with him. Akshara politely asks Abhira to leave, and she follows her request. Then she turns to Armaan and asks if he has any pressing matters to discuss. She explained that discussing the case would be fruitless as he knew all the details already. Armaan points out that he learned this from her, but Akshara clarifies that she would only consider it a victory if her student fought for the truth, which he is not doing. Dhaniram arrives with his men and expresses satisfaction at their plan against Jagrat. Akshara confirms they will deal with the matter in court as she addresses Armaan once more before he leaves, considering Yuvraj’s words that linger in his mind.

Upon returning to his hotel room, Armaan says he will call Ruhi. The man has the CCTV footage. Armaan sees it. He says Akshara Mam cannot do wrong; how can she go against the truth? He calls and says he wants Jagrat and Yuvraj’s legal history. Akshara calls out to Abhira. Abhira prepares for the court hearing. Akshara looks on. As Abhira tells about Yuvraj, Akshara shakes Abhira. Akshara holds Abhira tightly.

Abhira shouts don’t touch me. Akshara says it’s me, your mumma, don’t worry, you’re going to testify in court, so sorry, I didn’t understand the difficulty you were facing staying here. Akshara says Yuvraj and his dad use this fear as their strength, and they will be afraid now. Abhira says I don’t want to go to Delhi because I don’t wish to defame, but I want justice for Anurag.

As the morning sun rises, Armaan arrives at the court accompanied by Jagrat and Yuvraj. Spotting Akshara, Yuvraj inquires if she needs anything, earning a scolding in return. Undeterred, he makes a heart symbol and admires Abhira before leaving. Akshara then instructs Abhira to fill out a form while Armaan seeks her blessings for their upcoming battle. He expresses his desire to fight fairly and win with honesty. However, Abhira shakes her head in disagreement. Armaan persists, hoping that her blessings will give him strength. Akshara grants her blessings, emphasizing the importance of truth prevailing above all else. She then takes her leave, wishing him good luck. As Armaan ponders calling Ruhi, his mind is determined to seek justice through honest means.

Abhira is engaged in a heated argument with him. He confidently claims he will win the case, while she staunchly disagrees and predicts it will be a significant setback for his otherwise successful career. In her fury, she hurls a pen that splatters ink on him. This only enrages him further, but he eventually calms down and cleans off the ink. Picking up the evidence, he reiterates his statement that it was Kamal behind the car’s wheel. However, Akshara challenges this by suggesting that the tape could be fabricated. Determined to prove her point, Yuvraj summons Kamal to take the witness stand. Akshara emphasizes that money and power often leave people powerless, making those who stand for truth scarce gems. Finally, Kamal admits to being the driver, causing Armaan to conclude that it’s an open-and-shut case. However, Akshara argues otherwise, stating that one cannot disregard the testimony of an eyewitness – someone like herself – who holds crucial information on the matter at hand.


Abhira saves Armaan. Ruhi says she is ready to marry Rohit after learning Madhav was shot.

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