Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi’s Team Triumphs Amidst Challenges


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The judges walk to Durva’s team first. Ishan and Nishikant take them to the graffiti competition room. Ishan says it’s pointless to look at their art since he disqualified them for replacing a professional artist with a team member and cheating on the competition. Nishi’s daughter cheated in the competition; the judge’s tongue lashed him.

Other teams showed loyal participation, according to Ishan. They check the work of the other three teams and are shocked to find Savi’s team’s art spoiled. Savi asks the team why. Team members say they don’t know. Their hard work is ruined. Someone purposefully spoilt their graffiti, Savi says. The judge refuses to judge their graffiti and suggests they choose between graffiti from the two remaining teams. Ishan says graffiti is so spoiled that they can’t judge it.

As the judge prepares to announce the winner, Savi shows a picture of herself with a graffiti background. Ishan recalls Isha coming to life with his touch as the judge praises Savi’s mother-son graffiti. The judge requested that the judges include Savi’s team in the competition and said it was nice.

Despite the hard work of Savi’s team, the judge says they should give them a chance. Durva says it’s unfair, and they should be given a chance, too. Ishan says they cheated, and someone wronged Savi’s team. Judges announce that Savi’s team won and unique gifts for the other two teams. Durva walks away, feeling jealous.

The next day, a tug-of-war competition starts. Anvi will host the event and announce the competition between Savi and the other teams. Surekha walks up to Yashwant and says she wants to talk to him about her strategy. He says he knows what she did to Isha yesterday and will question her later.

Nishi confronts Shukla for exposing Durva’s cheating while she is going through a rough phase since he is her brother and boasts of being concerned for her. Ishan thinks of finding out who spoiled Savi’s team’s graffiti and calls Shukla. As a college director, Ishan said he had to do justice to all students, including Durva, who cheated and had to be punished. Nishi remains angry at him.

Shukla walks to Ishan. Ishan asks him if he always has the keys. He replies yes but for a while. Surekha says she took the keys from Shukla to get the god’s idol from the storeroom. Ishan says he’s confused as to who spoiled the graffiti. Surekha asks if he doubts her. He says he can’t doubt her no matter what god says, but he wants to find out who’s responsible. He heads to the CCTV room.

Durva and another team’s tug-of-war competition begins. Nishi cheers up Durva. Shantanu says he can’t be biased towards one student. Nishi ignores him and continues cheering up Durva. Durva’s team wins.

Ishan checks the CCTV footage and thinks he will find out who is responsible now. When Surekha walks to the store room, he asks her if she saw anyone going towards the graffiti competition room. She denies. The guard informs him that the camera near the competition room isn’t working, and he tells her he couldn’t get the footage, or else he wouldn’t have found a culprit.

Savi and Durva’s team’s competitions start next. Ayush focuses his watch glass’ light on Savi’s face and diverts her attention. They win. Ishan runs to her aid and asks Shukla to get a first-aid box. Surekha gets jealous when she sees that. Savi falls and injures her hand.


She apologizes to Reeva after bumping into her and asks if she’s a new student. She says she came here to meet someone. Savi asks if it’s Mr Chidkiya Ishan, sir. Reeva asks whether she calls him Chidkiya. She takes him to Ishan. Ishan is shocked to see Reeva. Savi said he had been Chidkiya before but had changed and even celebrated her birthday.

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