Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

Due to a network issue, Satya goes aside during a dinner date with Sai to speak. Sai asks Virat if she’s real or is he imagining her, and if so, why shouldn’t he leave his life altogether. He is heavily intoxicated, so Virat walks up to Sai and asks what he is doing here. As he had promised to his ex-wife, Virat comes here every year on vatsavitri pooja to hide from her family. He asks the other customers around to pay attention to her. Sai asks him to stop because people are watching him.

They take Virat to the backseat of their car. Sai mentions that Satya is upset right now. Satya explains that he doesn’t want to talk while Virat is present, as he tends to eavesdrop with closed eyes. He suggests dropping Virat home first. Meanwhile, Virat mutters about how much he dislikes Sai and Satya for taking her away from him. This only angers Satya more and he drives recklessly. Sai pleas for him to stop and offers to call a cab for Virat, who seems to have lost control due to his anger. After apologizing, Satya eventually agrees to drop Virat off at home. Ninad sees them and asks what happened with Virat. Sai informs him that they found a heavily intoxicated Virat at the restaurant they were at earlier on.

Bhavani inquires about her nephew’s well-being and holds Sai and Satya responsible for Virat’s current state. She proceeds to criticize and scold them, but Satya intervenes. He informs her that her intoxicated nephew caused a scene at a restaurant they were at, causing trouble for everyone else. He suggests that she should turn to her family members to resolve their issues instead of burdening others. They even attempted to reach out to her other nephew, who ignored their calls. Despite bringing her grandson here, Bhavani chooses to blame them instead of expressing gratitude. Satya then takes Sai’s hand and exits Chavan nivas, leaving Bhavani without words.

As they arrive home, Satya mentions how Virat has disrupted Sai’s vatsavitri vrat. Sai responds by questioning why Virat is bothered about her vrat since they are only pretending to be husband and wife for society’s sake. She playfully wonders if he has developed feelings for her and expects her to act as his real wife. Satya clarifies that he loves her as a friend and their relationship doesn’t have to conform to the traditional roles of husband and wife. He simply cares for her well-being and can’t stand seeing anyone causing trouble for her. Sai suggests they go out for dinner, but Satya declines, claiming he isn’t hungry. Undeterred, Sai prepares dinner and invites him to join her. Initially hesitant, Satya eventually gives in and the two enjoy a pleasant meal together. As they finish eating, Sai shows him a picture of herself wearing the sari he had gifted her out of friendship. This brings a smile to Satya’s face.

Satya has humiliated Sonali, she says, even Sai’s husband humiliated her, Sai has turned out to be a fake coin, and Virat shouldn’t have helped her get through her studies. Bhavani says a woman shouldn’t forget her and men have different statuses. Satya’s family enjoys breakfast in the morning. Amba reminds Sai to take leave from work for his and Satya’s honeymoon trip. Saavi asks what honeymoon is and Maddy explains a story to her.

The precap:

Informing Virat of Satya’s honeymoon plans, Sai says she is going to a conference instead and Satya doesn’t know about it. Virat tongue lashings Sai. Satya overhears their conversation and becomes angry.

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