Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th March 2023, Written Update on

When Vinayak is asleep, Sai pampers him. As Vinayak holds her hand in sleep, he whispers, “Don’t go, mummy.” Sai becomes emotional. Paakhi thinks Virat must have prepared the pizza party just for her and Vinu; she shouldn’t have delayed it. She wants to poolside and notices already pizza finished, thinks father and son finished it before she arrived.

Seeing Savi, Sai, Vinu, and Virat sleeping under a tent, she feels disheartened and remembers Vinu telling her earlier that this tent was made especially for her, Paakhi, and Virat. Virat dreams about Sai taking Savi and Virat to Dreamland and following them. Sai extends her hand and says they’re waiting for her, and it’s not too late to join them. Virat holds her hand.

When he opens his eyes, he thinks he saw a dream with closed eyes, and then he sees it in real life. He notices 6 a.m. in his mobile and gets upset thinking about Paakhi’s reaction after seeing them in such a situation. He rushed to Paakhi and said he had waited for her till late at night and had decorated the room. When she couldn’t find him and Vinu, Paakhi went to the terrace and found him asleep in a tent with kids after a pizza party, she was not surprised but shocked to see that.

Then Virat apologizes to her and explains that the kids were very excited after visiting Sai’s hospital and police station and wanted to celebrate, so he arranged a pizza party. Paakhi asks if Sai wasn’t present. Virat says she was also present there, and they didn’t realize that he fell asleep. If she had come up, why did she not wake him up?

It’s not a big deal, Paakhi says. Virat says he is very happy spending time with both of his children, so he requests her not to snatch his happiness. Paakhi asks if he won’t ask Sai to leave. He says no. If he can’t ask Sai to leave his house, even she won’t. Virat asks if she means he won’t be forced to. He says yes. Virat happily hugs and thanks him and says they should celebrate with a dinner outing, as they did before. Paakhi tells him she’s busy today, so they’ll go another day. He asks if he’d like tea.

Due to a taxi strike, Virat drops Sai off at the hospital. Sai complains. Virat says, whatever happens, is for the best. What is good about this? Virat says she took his lift and asks why she is getting anxious when there are other doctors there. Sai says she will be replaced by Dr Satya if she does not arrive on time.

Satya took her place in the OPD, he was treating her and carrying her bracelet, and he told Virat it was his dear one’s. Sai says Satya is a flirty character and all nurses are crazy after him. Virat says Sai’s choice is the best, referring to himself. She is talking about Dr headache, not him, says Sai.

Virat says she also calls him a headache. Sai continues to describe how Satya flirts with one particular nurse and drops her home. Sai says she will buy Gudi Padwa at a nearby market and leaves. After leaving, the car starts, and Virat finds Sai’s phone. He calls her from outside the car. In preparation for the Guddi Padwa festival, Satya’s mother bargains with a vendor for mangoes and neem leaves. Satya joins her and bargains with the vendor. As the mother claims to be Ambabai Adhikari, the owner of Lavanya Masala, the vendor becomes afraid and sells leaves at their price.

Amba gets mesmerized by Sai’s beauty and asks if she stays with her parents in Nagpur. Sai comes to the same vendor to buy leaves. Satya asks if Dr Chidku visited Nagpur to shop for Gudi Padwa. Since Sai does not wear sindoor and mangalsutra, Amba asks if she is unmarried. Satya jokes that she is married with grown-up kids and tells Amba to stop interrogating Sai.

Sai’s dupatta is about to get stuck in a cycle wheel when Virat pulls it away on time. Amba misunderstands Virat as a roadside goon and scolds him. Paakhi meets with a lawyer.


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