Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2023, Written Update on

As the episode opens, Abhimanyu is crying and says what if anything happened to his junior today, it doesn’t make sense for me to refer to him as my junior as I refer to Roohi. Abhir is okay, Aarohi says, you should send him to the US, treatment can take place here, but if something goes wrong, let me know. She leaves.

Aarohi says it’s best for Abhir to go to the US, Birla Hospital will cover all expenses, and nothing could be better for him. Abhinav looks at Akshara. We got him here because Abhimanyu is the best doctor, I know foreigners, but they’re not family, everyone here is family. Abhir cannot get treated here.

We can’t let Abhir’s treatment be affected by a doctor’s weak heart, as doctors and lawyers don’t take family cases. The FB conversation ends. Aarohi gets Abhi’s message. He asks about Abhir. She thinks I’m doing this right. I hope Akshara and Abhinav will agree to go to the US.

Aarohi’s words are recalled by Akshara. She worries. Kairav makes kachori and says it’s a masterpiece. Akshara eats it and likes it, saying a person can forget all his worries by eating food made by heart. She jokes about him and laughs. He says thank God, you smile, why are you so worried? He acts like her.

She says Aarohi was asking Abhinav and me to take Abhir to the US for treatment. He thinks she knows about Abhir and Abhimanyu but how maybe Akshara has the same fear. Abhinav was unsure of Abhi’s commitment, I explained it, but tests still haven’t taken place. Did I make a mistake choosing Abhimanyu and Birla Hospital? He explains it to her.

He says things can’t be normal, the matter is about Abhir, you can go to the US and get him treated, what’s the problem, you and Abhinav have to decide, don’t worry, I’ll make more kachoris. This morning, Rohan comes to Abhimanyu and says Akshara madam… Abhinav asks why did you get Abhir’s files. Akshara believes we need to take Abhir to the US. They disagree.

He says this decision isn’t fine, Abhir is fine here. She says it’s the best choice for him. Abhimanyu says you can’t take Junior anywhere, sorry, I’m his doctor. He says he trusts me, we have a bond of faith and friendship. She says she’s his mother. He says he trusts me, we have a relationship of faith and friendship. She says you know medical science, but I’m his mom, so I know what’s right for him.

I agree, I am a doctor, so I know more about medical science, so I won’t let you decide because of a single incident. They argue. He says his mother and father can’t decide either, let’s talk facts, Abhir can’t travel so far in this condition. She says a US doctor said he can. Everyone watches. She says Abhinav and I will take Abhir to the US, his surgery will happen there, we have decided that, thank you for your help.

Upon making Abhir fine and signing the discharge papers, he thanks me. He asks Abhinav and Manish to explain to her. He leaves. Manish asks what’s all this, US. Akshara nods. Abhimanyu goes to his car. He says enough, Abhir is my patient, I have no right to feel this way about him, I did not see him today, and I wish I had met him once. Doctor Man is called out by Abhir.

Abhimanyu smiles seeing him. Muskaan looks on. Abhir says I was thinking about you. Abhimanyu says I also came to meet you. Abhir says Muskaan took me to the park. Abhimanyu says yes, I would not have met you before you left.

I’m getting tears out of happiness, Abhimanyu says. Abhir asks why you’re crying. Abhimanyu says give this balloon to Roohi, I got the balloons from the park. Abhir says he will go inside. You are there to see, so don’t be anxious. Abhimanyu advises you to be healthy, take your medicine and eat well, listen to everyone, and do breathing exercises.

The doctor goes away. Abhimanyu says junior, doc man needs a hug. Abhir runs and hugs him. Abhimanyu cries. Muskaan takes Abhir. Abhimanyu prays.


Surekha taunts Abhinav, saying Dadi has kept a maha yagya for Abhir’s health. Abhir runs to Abhimanyu and hugs her.

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