Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th July 2023 Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Savi prepares for college, her MIL stops her and insists she focus on household chores. Her FIL, husband, and his aunt then attack her, cutting her tongue. However, Savi awakens from a nightmare, only to be asked by Harini if she is alright. Savi reveals she had a glimpse of her future. Harini immediately instructs her to get ready and join them in the kitchen as there is a lot of work to be done. Savi reminds them that the festival is in just two days. Just then, Ashwini enters and excitedly announces that Vinu is coming today and they are preparing his favorite dishes. Savi is overjoyed at the news.

At Bhosale house, Durva and Anvi snap some pictures with their father Nishikanth while Shantanu watches, grinning. Rao Saheb enters and inquires about Nishant, mentioning it has been a while since Ishan left for his trek. Durva reassures him, saying he went with his significant other. Soon enough, Ishan returns from his trip with Riva. Nishikant asks how it was and Ishan responds positively, adding that they both had a great time. Durva and Anvi notice Riva wearing Ishan’s jacket and jokingly comment on the trend of girlfriends borrowing their boyfriends’ clothes. Rao Saheb chimes in with a surprise remark as well.

Bhavani walks to the kitchen and requests Harini and Ashwini to prepare a lavish meal for Vinu. She hands them ghee and dry fruits to enhance the dishes. However, Ashwini remembers that when she asked for some dry fruits a few days ago for Savi, Bhavani didn’t provide them. It seems that Bhavani treats her daughter and son differently. When Savi offers to help, Bhavani declines and advises her to rest as she is getting married soon. She also warns her to stay away from Isha. Riva can’t help but blush as she imagines Ishan while the serial’s title track plays in the background. Suddenly, her father calls out to her, reminding her of his presence. He questions if she has forgotten him since she didn’t call him even once yesterday. Riva playfully asks what he’s having for breakfast, knowing it must be something delicious prepared by her mother who loves cooking and has won her father’s heart with her culinary skills.

As Savi reaches her college, Isha asks her about the alliance she formed. Harini describes how she danced on Chikni Chameli to discourage the boy and his family, but the boy liked her and agreed to marry her, even after she stipulated she had to continue her studies after marriage. Isha says that is a good thing. Savi says something is off. Riva walks to the kitchen and insists Surekha and Asmita to prepare breakfast. Surekha leaves the kitchen asking her to help Asmita.

Riva requests Asmita to let her take over the cooking duties and also inquires about everyone’s preferred dish, specifically Ishan’s. Asmita reveals that Ishan is fond of moong dal halwa. Upon hearing this, Ishan contacts Riva and informs her that he knows she is preparing his favorite dish. He then suggests meeting on the terrace to enjoy it. In a sweet gesture, Riva uses dry fruits to write “I love I” on his halwa. Later, Asmita returns and points out that it should be “I love you” instead of “I”. With some uneasiness, Riva explains that she has a habit of writing something on her loved one’s plate. Hearing this, Durva and Avni decide to play a prank on Riva.

Savi says she should think wisely and make an informed decision. Isha says Bhavani will not listen to her and will marry her for sure. She may have to oppose Bhavani to achieve her dream, she says sometimes you have to go against yourself.


Ashwini suggests that Savi elope. Ishan confronts Riva about hiding about her wedding and tears her wedding card. Bhavani urges Savi to focus on marriage as she wants a grandson within a year.

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