Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vinayak asks Virat to take him to Satya uncle’s house so he can give a sari as a gift to Sai. However, Virat suggests going another day. Vinu pleads with him, explaining that he has already lost his mother and doesn’t want to lose his aayi either. Ninad then proposes that Virat take Vinu to visit Sai since he is feeling depressed. Meanwhile, Satya’s family is busy making preparations for the festival. Amba gives Satya a decoration tray and asks him to pass it on to Sai and remind her about getting ready before the guests arrive. With the tray in hand, Satya goes into Sai’s room and quietly places the sari he bought for her on her bed. When she steps out of the bathroom and notices it, she questions Satya about it. He nervously explains that it was a gift from a husband to his wife on this special day. However, Sai refuses to accept it at first, but Virat encourages her as a friend and ultimately she agrees, promising to wear it for the occasion. After giving Sai the sari, Satya heads out on his bike to run an errand.

Virat brings Vinu to Satya’s house and, as they sit in the car, he asks Vinu to go inside and meet Sai. Vinu walks in and is approached by Maddy, who asks who he is there to see. Vinu replies that he wants to see aayi Sai Joshi. Gowri then recognizes him as Vinu and Maddy takes him to Sai. Upon seeing Vinu, Sai’s face lights up with joy. He presents her with a sari as a gift, noting that it’s his first gift since she became his aayi. Remembering Satya’s request not to accept gifts from anyone, Sai hesitates but ultimately agrees to wear it. Curious about where Vinu got the sari from, she asks him how he obtained it. Not wanting to reveal that Harini had bought it online for Paakhi, Vinu simply says that he also got it online.

Then Virat calls Vinu and asks if Sai is married to Satya and is staying in his room. Maddy comes in with snacks and tells him that Sai is now married to Satya. Vinu informs Sai of the same, and Sai takes him out. Virat taunts Sai that she has prepared for her new husband and will perform his pooja. Sai says he needs to rest and should not worry about him. Virat says she should concentrate on her pooja tonight instead of worrying about him.

After returning to her room, Sai receives compliments from Maddy and Gowri for her beautiful appearance in a sari gifted by Satya. They also inform Amba that the couple is on good terms now. Feeling delighted, Amba expresses her gratitude towards her daughter-in-law, while Sai decides to wear another sari gifted by Vinu. As evening approaches, guests arrive for a pooja and congratulate Amba on performing vatsavitri pooja at home for the first time. Amba credits Sai for this auspicious opportunity and playfully sends Maddy and Gowri outside to prepare for the ritual. Meanwhile, Satya eagerly awaits Sai’s arrival, as teased by Maddy and Gowri who joke about his love for her.

As Sai steps out, Saavi compliments her appearance. Satya and his family are visibly upset, noticing that Sai is wearing a different sari than the one Satya had given her. Maddy reveals to Amba that Vinu had gifted this sari to Sai during his visit. Seizing the opportunity, Saavi video calls Vinu who is delighted to see Sai wearing the sari he had gifted. Karisham and Sonali discuss how even though Sai is married to Satya, she is dressed in a Chavan sari. Amba scolds Sai for not wearing the sari gifted by Satya and instead opting for one from her ex-husband through their son. But Sai defends herself, saying that her son was the one who had given it to her. To which, Amba clarifies that it was actually her ex-husband who had given it to their son as a gift for Sai.

It’s Sai’s duty to keep fast for Satya, but Virat sent her a sari as a gift of love; she’s not sure which to choose.

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