Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

Abhir asks Akshara to give him kheer. He says the doctor will let me have kheer. She asks how you feel, and if you are worried about the truth. He says he knows you’ll tell me everything when I’m a grownup. She thinks about telling Abhinav about it after Kairav’s marriage. Muskaan and Kairav take selfies. She gets shy. He jokes. Ruhi says Kairav is at Abhir’s house. Aarohi asks what. She checks the photo and asks what he is doing there. Kairav sends her a message.

Ruhi informs me that I had put the phone on airplane mode. Shortly after, Kairav sends an audio note. Muskaan and I have decided to tie the knot in Kasauli, and of course, you must join us for the celebration. Ruhi’s face lights up and she eagerly asks when we will be going there. Just then, Aarohi spots Manjiri at the entrance. Suvarna assures us that Akshara will be available online soon. Manish suggests consulting two pandits for the wedding date, as we can then choose the more auspicious one. Dadi speaks to Suvarna and mentions how this marriage holds a special place in her heart, as it may be the last one she witnesses. Manish playfully adds that Dadi will surely need to attend Ruhi and Abhir’s weddings too in the future.

Surekha confirms that Aarohi’s marriage won’t be visible to us. Neela proceeds to give the funds to Abhinav, who assures her not to worry as he will handle everything. She expresses her desire for the wedding to align with Muskaan’s wishes. Akshara suggests asking Muskaan directly about her preferred type of ceremony, inviting her to share any ideas she may have. Muskaan hesitantly brings up Kairav’s name, and as he enters, Akshara prompts him to voice his thoughts on the matter. Abhimanyu teases him playfully before Kairav finally asks Muskaan for her input. However, Abhir intervenes and reminds them it is now Kairav’s turn to speak.

Kairav expresses that marriage holds great importance for him, regardless of the venue. He trusts Muskaan’s judgment and is willing to go with her choice. Similarly, Muskaan shares that she has low-key wishes and prefers a small celebration among loved ones. Akshara then requests Neela and Abhinav to compile the guest list. Kairav surprises Muskaan with a kiss on the cheek and playfully mentions that it was once believed one could not be romantic in front of family. As Muskaan walks away, Kairav notices Akshara and Abhimanyu teasing him before they all share a laugh together.

Ruhi announces, “We’re going to visit Abhir.” Suvarna shares details about the auspicious dates. Abhinav suggests that they finalize the auspicious date in a week. Akshara’s enthusiasm is palpable, and Surekha playfully jests. However, Dadi intervenes and suggests they celebrate with sweets. Dadi instructs Abhinav to arrange for everyone to come to Udaipur, where Kairav and Muskaan will have a traditional Rajasthani wedding. Manish assures, “You can let us know your preferences.”

Abhinav shares that Neela’s wish was for a simple marriage. Dadi, on the other hand, wants Kairav’s wedding to be grand. Neela explains that Muskaan is her only granddaughter and she had hoped to have her bidaai from home. Dadi pleads with them to consider this as her final request and give their approval. Abhinav lightens the mood by joking and reassuring Dadi that they will make all the necessary arrangements. However, Surekha makes a snide remark about his financial status, which upsets Akshara. Muskaan asks if she can share her thoughts and expresses that she never got a chance to give or ask for anything, but it was Neela and Abhinav who raised her against all odds. She appeals to them to fulfill their dream of having her wedding at home.

According to Suvarna, we have the right to make decisions because Neela and Abhinav cannot handle the responsibility while having a long guest list. Kairav assures us that he will manage everything and suggests hiring a wedding planner. However, Surekha makes a sarcastic comment. Aarohi defends Kairav and asks Surekha to refrain from making hurtful comments. She points out that it is challenging to organize a wedding in Kasauli. Neela expresses her desire for her daughter’s bidaai to be held at their home. To everyone’s surprise, Manish disconnects the call. Neela becomes anxious, but Akshara and Abhimanyu assure her it was just an accident. Neela’s mother believes that as the girl’s family, they always have to compromise. However, Akshara disagrees and shares that similar incidents happened during her own marriage despite being in the same city. Aarohi observes the conversation with interest.


Akshara believes Manjiri might tell Abhir the truth about Dida.

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