Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 21st August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Akshara questioning Abhimanyu’s actions. He explains that it is in the best interest of his son, and he cannot take away his happiness. Grateful for his honesty, Akshara acknowledges that Abhimanyu is not a malicious person, but rather a father who had to make a difficult choice for his child’s well-being. She reassures everyone that Abhimanyu is not capable of committing such a heinous crime and Manjiri breaks down in tears. Akshara further adds that on the day of the incident, Abhinav only had their son Abhir with him as Abhimanyu had entrusted him to Abhinav just one day prior. It makes no sense for him to harm someone he cares about deeply. She urges everyone to see the truth and not falsely accuse Abhimanyu of murder. Manish supports Akshara’s claims.

The judge has declared that the court will review the new evidence and examine it tomorrow. Kairav passionately states that he will not abandon Akshara, despite her being a blemish on the reputation of doctors and manipulating Akshara herself. However, she explains that it was her own choice to act as his defense lawyer. A flashback reveals Akshara apologizing for misunderstanding him and making a mistake, offering to save him. When he questions how she believes him, a constable interrupts her and she asks for a chance to correct her error by having him sign some papers, which he does. The flashback ends and Kairav questions why she would try to help someone who took Abhinav away from them, accusing her actions of being part of an act. He warns her that she will regret it and the Goenkas depart.

Abhimanyu advises against fighting them because of him. Akshara attempts to fill the crack and then leaves. Manjiri questions why he trusts her, she asks how he can trust her. Abhimanyu explains that she is putting her own sorrow aside to fight for his cause, and thus, he trusts her wholeheartedly. She expresses concerns about Akshara’s possible revenge plan, to which Abhimanyu responds that if she wanted revenge, she wouldn’t have taken this action. Kairav asks for proof of Abhinav’s innocence and reminds them of their previous statement. Akshara clarifies that the proof is being verified at the moment. Kairav becomes angry and argues with her. He questions how she can trust Abhimanyu and accuses him of fooling everyone. Manish shares his observation of Abhimanyu pushing Abhinav and doubts his intentions. But Akshara denies any such possibility, saying it may have seemed that way from a certain angle. Manish persists in his belief that Abhimanyu is deceiving them all while Surekha concedes defeat by sarcastically agreeing with him and asking why they were not informed of this earlier.

Abhimanyu did not kill Abhinav, Akshara says to you. Suwarna says Manish saw it, Muskaan saw them go out to have drinks, Abhimanyu did not drink, he did this intentionally and snatched your happiness. Akshara says no, he was trying to make things okay, so he gave Abhir to us. Muskaan starts arguing. She says Abhir regards Abhinav as his father, but maybe you didn’t regard him as family, maybe you sympathize with his killer, your ex-husband.

Ashara asks her to think and speak. Muskaan asks did he not come between Abhinav and you, Manjiri said she wanted to see you and Abhimanyu, now Abhinav is gone, Manjiri and your dream… Manish says enough, Muskaan… Suwarna says forgive her, please. Dadi says calm down, otherwise you’ll become ill. Muskaan is scolded by Manish.

“Why would you say that?” he asks. Akshara reassures him, “It’s fine.” He points out that everyone has lost something – Abhinav for us and her husband for her. We all have the right to question Akshara’s actions, but not her character. Please stay quiet, I’m not finished yet. When will this questioning of Akshara end? We all saw how happy she and Abhinav were together. Why must she always prove her innocence? It’s unfortunate that women are constantly questioned in our society. If Abhimanyu had done this, he would have been praised instead. Akshara stands firm despite everything, “My decision remains unchanged. I will present the evidence as Abhimanyu’s lawyer, not as Abhinav’s wife.” Just then, Abhir and Ruhi approach them. Ruhi takes a moment to thank Akshara for fighting for their father. Before leaving with Ruhi, Abhir refuses to listen to what Akshara has to say. She understands his hurt and simply says, “I know you’re upset.”

Manish expresses concern over the amount of sadness they are currently experiencing. Abhimanyu is reminded of Neil’s death. He reflects on the fact that Akshara is fighting for him now, but he realizes that he didn’t do the same when she needed him. Meanwhile, Kairav and Muskaan argue about Akshara’s actions. Kairav defends Akshara while Muskaan questions her and Abhimanyu’s innocence in the matter. As Muskaan storms off, Kairav hopes Akshara will make the right decision. In a conversation with Abhir, Akshara explains her reasoning for defending Docman, as he had tried to save his father and she has evidence to prove it. She asks for his trust and some time to show him the proof.

He cries when he thinks of Abhinav.


They try to help Abhir. Abhir goes. Abhimanyu says he is depressed. Akshara says he is nowhere, did he run away.

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