Agnisakshi 3rd May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 3rd May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Satvik checking in on Jeevika’s well-being. She assures him that she is fine. He then invites her to take a seat on the bed and expresses his regret for putting her in a difficult position. Satvik acknowledges that she deserves better and admits that he was selfish when he prioritized his father’s wishes over hers. He questions why she agreed to marry him despite knowing the truth about their marriage. Before Jeevika can respond, they are interrupted by Narayan’s presence. Narayan reminds them that they got married because of his request, not out of their own will. Jeevika tries to explain, but Narayan wants to hear it from Satvik himself. Satvik affirms that he married Jeevika solely for the sake of his father’s life, and Jeevika was already aware of this truth.

Narayan is taken aback when Satvik confesses that he got married for Narayan’s sake. Despite Jeevika’s attempt to explain, Narayan is disheartened and ready to leave. However, Jeevika urges him to listen and turns to Satvik, asking why he revealed the truth if it came with consequences. As Narayan descends the stairs, he faints and falls. Jeevika quickly asks Satvik and Shlok for help as they rush him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Aadhya worries about her father’s condition and Juhi pretends to show concern towards Shlok. Shlok dismisses Juhi’s fake act and advises her to go home instead of posting pictures on social media. Rajnandini notices Dr. Megha at the hospital and becomes anxious. Despite the chaotic situation, Jeevika assures a crying Aadhya that Narayan will be fine.

Rajnandini scolds Juhi. She asks Satvik how this happened? Satvik says he always keeps baba away from business problems and house problems, so he doesn’t know how he got heart attack. She goes to complete the formalities. Just then the nurse comes over and asks Jeevika to do the formalities. Rajnandini thinks Dr. Megha might tell her, so she stops Jeevika.

Satvik tells Jeevika he can’t forgive himself if something happens to Papa. She asks Satvik to look at her and asks if her tears have ended. She says it wasn’t your mistake, Baba’s in good hands, we’ll take care of him. Shlok texts Swara to let him know her Papa is in the hospital for an emergency. Swara replies. Pradeep tells Swara that Narayan has a heart attack. Swara says I’ll talk to Jeevika.

Dr. Megha inquired about Jeevika’s well-being, and she confirmed she was fine. She then attempted to inform Jeevika about the repercussions of the accident, but Rajnandini interrupted and requested Jeevika’s presence with Satvik. As Jeevika left, Rajnandini scolded Dr. Megha for considering revealing the truth. However, Dr. Megha defended herself, stating that she did not seek Rajnandini’s guidance on what to disclose to her patient. Rajnandini asserted her authority over the situation, stating she knew what was best for her family and threatened Dr. Megha not to divulge any information. Confronted by this, Dr. Megha agreed and retreated from the room. Later, Satvik questioned Rajnandini about their conversation with Dr. Megha and if there was something he shouldn’t know about it. Using emotional manipulation, Rajnandini raised doubts in his mind about their marriage and asked if his feelings had changed or if he was in love with Jeevika. This left Satvik deep in thought as he responded uncertainly.


Satvik tells Jeevika that he is not a child. Rajnandini asks Satvik to show his bad side to Jeevika. Satvik tells Jeevika that he is not a child.

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