Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th December 2023 Written Episode: Rohit’s Disappearance and Family Tensions

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The episode begins with Rohit being asked to dance, and soon everyone joins into the tunes of Haq hai humko… Aaj sher khul gaye… As Rohit catches sight of Ruhi, memories of their marriage flood his mind. Meanwhile, Ruhi notices Armaan, and he turns away to join in the dancing. Dadi catches Abhira’s attention, causing Manish to smile fondly at her. However, Abhira’s mind is worried as she remembers Ruhi’s words. With just 10 seconds left for the new year, Rohit announces the start of the countdown while Sanjay counts down. Krish is reminded of Sanjay’s earlier words. Suwara sees Ruhi among the crowd as they all count down together. Armaan handcuffs himself to Rohit in a surprising twist, and Abhira grabs Armaan in celebration.

After Rohit’s departure, Armaan calls out to him. Vidya inquires about his whereabouts and urges Krish to check his room. Unfortunately, Madhav reports that he has not responded. Concerned, Vidya wonders where he could have gone. Abhira reassures her that he must be nearby. Sanjay confirms that he cannot be found anywhere. Armaan adds that even the guard did not spot him leaving. In a lighthearted manner, Dadi reminds them of Rohit’s past habit of going to his friend’s house when asked to return home. She assures everyone that he will return because this house is his home and one does not leave their heart behind. She suggests playing a game while they wait for Rohit’s return to lighten the mood. This thought brings relief to the group who had been worrying about him.

Time passes. It’s 3 a.m. Vidya sits worried about Rohit. Manisha says mummy cannot see Vidya’s condition. Kajal says Rohit won’t suffer. Abhira asks Ruhi for medicine. She says Rohit will come and take the medicines. Armaan and Manish watch. Dadi calls Rohit. Armaan calls Rohit’s friends. Surekha says we need to act; Rohit is our son-in-law. Madhav says he will handle it. Abhira notices everyone is worried.

She goes to Dadi and says we should file a police complaint. Sanjay says that will defame us, and Abhira won’t understand this. Abhira thinks we should find Rohit. He says we should wait for more time. He says she’s right, and we should file a report. Madhav says he’ll call the police. Sanjay wants to know what you’ll tell them: Rohit is gone after patching up with Armaan, so what’s the reason? Abhira says the police must find Rohit.

Manisha overhears Aryan discussing a severe conversation between Rohit and Abhira. She approaches them and claims that Rohit left the house because of Abhira. When Abhira asks for clarification, Manisha accuses her of causing trouble within the family and warns her against pretending otherwise. Vidya also questions Abhira about Rohit’s departure, to which she denies any involvement. Sanjay accuses Abhira of intentionally harming their family. Suwarna demands an explanation from Abhira, who insists she did not say anything to Rohit. As Vidya breaks down in tears, Kajal urges Abhira to share any information she may have. Amid the chaos, Surekha holds Abhira accountable for the situation and demands answers from her.

Armaan takes Abhira aside. He says you don’t know where he went, what you told him. She doesn’t respond, he came to apologize to me. They argue. He says if anything happens to him due to you… She says just shut up, and my patience has ended. He says don’t shout, even I can shout. She says you can also shout, but a lie won’t turn into truth. According to Vidya, the truth is the truth. Abhira, my Rohit left the house, and you are responsible for it.

Perhaps he fought with someone, Abhira says. Vidya replies that we understand the importance of family and relationships and taunts Abhira. Abhira says if your upbringing was so solid, how did the foundation shake today? Vidya says you’re questioning my upbringing. Abhira says you also cursed my upbringing, did you feel bad, why did Rohit leave the house by coming in your words, did I conquer your values.

If you’re wondering why Rohit isn’t with you today, consider that he isn’t a kid who leaves the house. Dadi gets a box. Abhira says give it to me. Dadi pushes her. Abhira says it’s my mum’s last sign. Dadi says nothing is more critical than Rohit, return Rohit to me, until then I’ll keep this box. She cries. Dadi says no, don’t do this, I will find Rohit, leave the box. Dadi scolds Abhira.


Abhira says everyone blames me. Manish gets sad and says Goenkas’ daughters also suffered. Ruhi says Rohit knew about us, so he left. Armaan is shocked. Abhira watches the scene.

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