Pandya Store 2nd November 2023 Written Episode: Amrish’s Confrontation with Natasha

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Amba confronting Amrish about Natasha’s influence on Hetal. She believes that he was in the wrong for punishing Hetal earlier. Bhaven recalls how everyone reprimanded him when Pranali got hurt under his care but wonders what Amrish did today. Amba then advises Amrish, who admits it wasn’t Hetal’s fault but Natasha’s. This angers Amrish, and he expresses frustration at being unable to control Natasha’s actions. He declares he wants nothing to do with “ladies’ matters.” Eventually, Dhawal and Natasha arrive back home.

This is the difference between Amrish and you, Ranali says. Amrish has no idea Hetal got hurt, and he doesn’t do this intentionally. Dolly and every one leave. Amba says she knows what to do, and they are supporting Natasha. Dhawal calls out Amrish. Amrish asks where you were. Natasha says he was playing Dandiya. He takes her aside and says, “Control yourself. I won’t look good to die in this age.” She smiles and leaves.

Amrish’s words flash back to Hetal. Natasha says everything happened because I was careless. Hetal hugs Natasha and says I did something I had never expected, I answered Amrish today, thank you so much. Natasha hugs her and says she is delighted today. Chiku sees Esha and calls her out. He chases her and holds her hand. She slaps him and calls out the police. He apologizes and runs. He says he got the slap because of that girl. Natasha is sleeping when Dhawal sees her.

Natasha wakes up in the morning and asks Dhawal why he did not. He comes out of the bathroom. He smiles and flirts with her. She argues with him. He says it’s a date. He says he’ll convince everyone. Natasha asks who goes on dates after marriage. He thinks I’ll take you today. Amrish sees Hetal hurt. Amrish asks Hetal what happened. Hetal says no, I got hurt. He recalls breaking the vase.

He hands her the ointment and departs. A smile lights up her face. Natasha entertains Golu while Amrish and Amba overhear their conversation. Reassuringly, Natasha assures Golu not to be afraid because she’s there. Golu then asks if she’ll punish Dad and Dadi if they scold him. She nods before placing her phone down and chasing after him. Amba regrets bringing Natasha home, uncertain how to handle the situation. Dhawal reminds Natasha that they will have time together in the evening. Amrish admits his mistake in allowing her back into the house and takes away her phone, determined to teach her a lesson.


Amba tells Natasha she has to go to jail now because you kidnapped Golu. Amrish scolds Natasha.

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