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Pandya Store 12th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

An inspector asks Natasha not to be afraid. She responds to the question by saying I am telling the truth. Amba scolds Suman and asks her to leave. Suman says you have raised your voice. Amba says you shouldn’t care about my voice, look at what you’ve done, you got the police home at 5 a.m. We got locked in the library, I fell unwell, and Dhawal broke the door and saved me. I should thank him for saving my life. Amrish and everyone smile. Natasha says she apologizes.

I can’t explain anything to Amba, he says, since she has no daughter, only bahus, so she won’t understand my worries. Amrish says I’ll take you to the car. Natasha says no thanks, we’re going. She hires an auto from Mittu. She says Natasha has told the truth, it is not my fault, and I apologize for all the trouble. Suman thanks him. They leave. Dhawal says, I couldn’t do your work, so I hid in the library. Amrish smiles. Dhawal leaves. Amrish says you can still do the work.

Suman expresses concern for Natasha’s well-being, suggesting that she should get married to someone who will take care of her after Suman is gone. According to Suman, the person he has in mind is a kind and supportive individual from America. Natasha initially hesitates, fearing that this person may only be interested in marrying her for superficial reasons such as her financial status or health issues. However, Suman reassures her that she is a wonderful and deserving person who will surely be loved by this potential partner. Natasha agrees to meet him as Hetal asks Pranali to serve the puris.

Pranali inquires about the new situation, questioning if they are expected to dine together. Dhawal realizes that he did not complete his task, and now Amrish has arranged for them to have dinner together. Amrish then reveals his plan to get Chirag and Dhawal married immediately. Dhawal coughs, leading Chirag to ask if Dolly has given her consent. Amrish confirms and Chirag expresses his joy by hugging him. Natasha meets Nitin, who confesses his feelings for her and asks her to share something about herself. Natasha agrees, but before she can speak, Urmi interjects and reveals that Natasha has been pursuing her boyfriend. Shocked, Natasha asks what is going on and confronts Urmi for making false accusations. Shesh also jumps in to defend Natasha, stating that she would never go after anyone’s partner. Mittu adds that it is unfair to blame her sister without any evidence.

Ask Urmi if Natasha was with Dhawal all night in the library. Natasha says her family knows. Nitin’s mum says this girl is very modern, we can’t make her bahu. Suman says no, Urmi and Natasha are childhood friends, they’re joking. Urmi goes and they’ll talk later.

Dhawal mentions that there is a lot I need to accomplish in life. Amrish predicts that the semester will end soon and I will get married. Amba agrees. Dhawal expresses his uncertainty about who the potential bride could be. Amrish reveals her identity as someone from Sadar Bazaar. This news worries Dhawal. Nitin’s mother apologizes, stating that they cannot arrange for her son to marry Natasha. Suman acknowledges the issues but advises them to listen and make an informed decision. However, Nitin has already made up his mind and plans to move to America while maintaining his values, ultimately unable to accept Natasha as his wife. Amrish proudly declares that Natasha Pandya will become their youngest daughter-in-law.

The girl Natasha will not work on my saying, Amma says she’s different, Dhawal doesn’t want to marry her. How will their marriage work? Natasha argues with Nitin. She refuses to marry him and scolds him. Nitin and his mom leave. Natasha says he’s judging my character. She explains Suman. Amba says she won’t be our bahu, but Amrish says she can, and they’ll be married in ten days.


Amba says I will not allow this marriage to take place. Amrish says I will marry Dhawal and Natasha. Suman says Dhawal is Natasha’s best match.


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