Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th August 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Anvi asks Durva and her friends not to bully Savi. Durva asks her to Ayush demand Savi kiss him and starts talking vulgarly with her. Savi slaps him hard. Ayush gets angry and the rest of his gang locks Savi in a room. She pleads to be let out, but the door is sealed with cloth to prevent her voice from escaping. Shantanu informs his friend about the problems.

Navya and Kajal pass by and think they shouldn’t have left Savi alone with Durva and her evil gang. They notice Shantanu. Kajal advises that they inform Shantanu of what Durva and her gang did to Savi. Navya says Shantanu is Durva’s uncle and won’t take action against her, but will instead trouble them with Durva and her gang.

Savi spots an AC duct and attempts to reach it by balancing on chairs, but unfortunately falls and sustains an injury. Shortly after, Durva and her group spot Shukla approaching. They inform him of their experiment of provoking a female ghost in the building, which caused them trouble and led to Ayush’s hair being cut. This revelation instills fear in Shukla. Durva then reveals that they have locked the ghost in a room and warns Shukla that if he goes upstairs to open the room, he will be killed. Shukla becomes even more petrified and quickly flees. Before leaving, they spot another peon with a key bunch and slyly take it from him.

He tells his friend that Ishan will leave him if he doesn’t divorce Isha. His friend suggests talking to Isha first rather than dropping a bomb on her suddenly. Durva tells Anvi that they should pass by Shantanu as evidence that they did nothing wrong. Shantanu tells them his friend has come and they have some work to do. Durva says they will take a cab then and leave.

She calls Savi worried about her but finds her number unreachable. Kiran says her sister must be with her boyfriend. Harini says she knows her sister from childhood and knows she cannot do anything wrong. Kiran asks her to forget about her sister, so she brings him snacks and tea. As he touches the hot tea cup and yells at Harini, Harini is worried about Harini, and calls college. When she doesn’t pick up, she asks Kiran to accompany her to Savi’s college.

At first, he yells, but then agrees when she makes the decision to visit college alone. Worried for Savi, Isha calls her, only to find her phone switched off. Ashwini pays a visit and warns her that Vinu and Mandar are plotting against her, so she must be cautious. Isha assures her that she knows how to handle such individuals and thanks her for the heads up. Later on, Harini arrives at the college and asks the watchman to allow her in so she can search for her sister who hasn’t returned home yet. However, the watchman denies her entry. Meanwhile, Savi attempts to reach the AC duct again and ends up falling once more, causing even more serious injuries.


As Ishan and Shukla search for Savi in college, Savi runs and hugs him emotionally. As Ishan stands speechless, he cannot speak.


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