Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th October 2023 Written Update


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The Brar family must accept the truth that Angad murdered Sahiba and will never be released. Manveer shouts at her for speaking badly of her son. Jasleen asks why she is so angry; she is not the only one here who does not accept the truth, the police caught Angad red-handed with a murder weapon in Sahiba’s bedroom. Her criticism of the police for failing to stop Garry is based on her assertion that he did not murder Seerat when he was forced to leave home.

Manveer explains the difference between Seerat and Sahiba: while Sahiba used to battle with Angad, Seerat fights for his side. They must acknowledge that Seerat is meant for Angad. Japjot adds that Sahiba never engaged in a fight without reason and always proved her point. Akaal reminds them that now is not the time for disagreement; they should focus on getting Angad released from jail as soon as possible. He firmly believes in Angad’s innocence and suspects foul play by someone else. Veer questions who could be responsible for trapping Angad. Inder informs them that Angad will be presented in court tomorrow and hopes he will attain bail. The police escort Angad towards the courtroom.

Reporters tongue lash him for brutally killing his wife. Veer and Inder walk up to him and tell him not to worry about the reporters and think about getting bail from court; Angad should be firm that he did not murder Sahiba. Angad says he didn’t kill Sahiba and she is alive. Veer asks who is trapping him and Angad recalls Rumi’s obsession for Sahiba and becomes suspicious of him. Inder says he has to get out of jail in order to prove this.

Sahiba regains consciousness and finds herself tied to a secluded place. She asks where is she and who brought her here. Rumi walks in singing and describing how much he loves her. She is stunned to see him. Rumi welcomes her aboard. Police take Angad into a van and head towards court. He recalls all the events and Rumi’s obsession with Sahiba. He thinks Rumi abducted Sahiba, murdered someone and trapped him.

Rumi says he didn’t board the New York flight at all. Sahiba reminds Rumi of his promise not to return. Rumi says he is correcting his mistake. Sahiba warns him not to approach her, to take her name with his filthy mouth, to be careful. Rumi says her voice is so good and asks her to try to understand him. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to and asks him to let her go. Rumi says only incoming is allowed here.

As the Brar family waits for Angad at the court, Manveer turns to Akaal and pleads for her help in clearing Angad’s name. Akaal reassures her that she understands the severity of the situation and encourages her to have faith in God. Manveer then offers a prayer for her son’s safety. Seerat comforts her, promising to accompany them to the temple once Angad is free. As Ajith and Keerat arrive, they share their plan to visit the Gurdwara in hopes of seeking justice for Sahiba. They believe that God will not forgive Angad for his actions and pray that he receives harsh punishment.

It is understood by Akaal that his state of mind is clear. According to Ajith, Angad may have murdered Sahiba, but the real murderers are Seerat and Akaal; if they hadn’t forced him out of the house, Sahiba would still be alive; he will ask the judge to give Sahiba justice.


As Angad escapes from police, Rumi asks Sahiba not to mention Angad’s name in front of her and to cooperate. Sahiba says she would rather die than cooperate with him. He shows her a knife.

When she gets afraid, Angad runs on the road calling for Sahiba.


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