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Jaspal informs Akaal that they have a contract, and people who humiliated them during Garry’s engagement have been retaliated against. Akaal believes that the client is angry and wants to cancel the deal. In this meeting, Veer with Angad walks in saying not only did they get the contract, but even the client is pleased. Akaal says he knows Angad will get the contract as usual. Manveer says her son is a diamond.

They got the contract because Sahiba pitched her idea and prepared designs within a day. Clients were so impressed with Sahiba’s presentation that they agreed to bear the losses after the deal was proposed. Gurleen praises Sahiba’s multi-talents. Hansraj says Sahiba is trying to take Garry’s place in their family business. Akaal asks Angad what Sahiba was doing in their family business. Angad says she had brought him tiffin this time. Akaal says he knows their family women don’t work outside the home.

After her divorce, Jasleen says that he didn’t let her join Brar Jewelers, but now he’s letting Sahiba work, it’s unfair. Gurleen says that times have changed and women can now work both at home and outside. Akaal says that he cannot allow his family women to work, so Angad asks Sahiba to inform him.

Garry video calls Jasleen and tells her that his card has been blocked and requests some money. Jasleen says she will take care of Garry’s food and stay, so why does he need money? Sahiba has joined the office and is trying to take over his position, so Garry should apologize to Angad and return home. He tried calling Angad, but arrogant Angad didn’t pick up the phone; he didn’t understand his attitude.

It’s Angad’s birthday tomorrow, and the workaholic Angad will still be in the office tomorrow, so Garry should meet Angad and convince Angad with his fake drama. Jasleen agrees. Sahiba shouts if Angad can’t knock on the door before entering someone’s room. Angad says it’s his room. He says he can’t sleep on the couch and should throw a pillow blindfolded, then divide the room accordingly.

She says she won’t agree to his stupid idea because he might cheat. The nok jhok begins. They blindfold themselves, throw the pillow and start searching for it. Drama continues. Sahiba picks a pillow and Angad pulls the thread and gets the pillow. Sahiba says it’s cheating. Argument continues. The bed portion appears on Sahiba’s side. Sahiba notices Angad’s unease on the couch and suggests they sleep in a bed instead. Angad agrees and asks if she will kick into sleep. She says no and creates a thread wall between them. They both sleep there and continue their conversations.

Sahiba calls Seerat the next morning and asks her to visit their art shop, where she will paint a few pieces and she can demonstrate her saleswomanship skills. Despite working for a long time, Seerat has no idea what to do. Sahiba promises to teach her and encourages her. Seerat thanks her and says she will visit the shop soon.

Sahiba opposes Angad’s proposal and says his sister won’t pay for his arrogance. Seerat seeks Angad’s promise to support her whenever she needs it.

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