Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd January 2024 Written Episode: Angad Races Against Time to Save Judge and Their Home!


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As Angad and Sahiba, accompanied by their lawyer, arrived at the judge’s cabin, they were surprised to find him missing. The judge’s assistant informed them that he had just been there. Fearing the worst, they immediately began to search for him. Unbeknownst to them, while this was happening, Yash’s henchmen had abducted the judge and driven off in a car right behind Sahiba. Where could the judge have gone?

Meanwhile, Yash continued auctioning items from the Brar mansion for measly amounts of 10-20 rupees each. Akaal and Prabjot begged him not to sell their precious artifact, explaining its sentimental value to them. Yash callously smashed it with his foot before selling Veer’s flute for a mere rupee and mocking him for not being able to make any money from singing but at least getting something for his flute. According to Yash’s goon, the dynamite team is here to blast the house.

Brars say he can’t do this to them. Yash says they humiliated him when he was poor, and now it’s their turn to humiliate. Inder asks Veer to inform Angad of this situation. A goon snatches his phone. Brars keep pleading for him. The police bring Parth to court and tell Angad they took Parth’s statement and sent his diamond to the lab to be tested. The lawyer says with Parth’s statement, their case became stronger.

Parth’s statement has no value without a judge, Sahiba says. Goons are shifted to the hideout by Yash’s goons. Judge warns them they are doing wrong and will be jailed for kidnapping a judge. Goon says their boss is wealthy and will save them. Garry arrives and misleads the goon. Sahiba breaks down and asks Angad how they will save their house without a court order. He says she is his courage, and she always encourages him to find solutions to the problem instead of giving up.

The family rushes to Manveer’s assistance. She asks Inder to call Angad on video and explain the situation here. Inder does. When Angad sees the problem, he rushes home. He gets the judge’s live location from an unknown number/Garry’s, and thinks Megha must have sent it. Japjot falls on Yash’s feet and pleads to spare their house. Akaal warns her against bending before evil, delivering heavy dialogue.


Angad and Sahiba save the judge and ask for his assistance in saving his house. Yash blasts it.

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