Barsatein 25th December 2023 Written Episode: Aradhana Faces Reyansh’s Manipulation


Barsatein 25th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Varun informing Aradhana about a job opening and encouraging her to attend the interview. Grateful, Aradhana thanks him for his support. Jai also offers to accompany her. After gathering her documents, she meets with the manager for the interview and negotiates for her salary. During the discussion, the manager mentioned a condition that she must sign a 2-year contract. Understanding the terms, Aradhana confidently asks for a signing bonus in return. Just then, Reyansh arrives and introduces himself to Mr. Dutta. Surprised, Aradhana asks if they know each other, which Dutta confirms with familiarity. Reyansh takes this opportunity to tease Aradhana playfully.

After Aradhana responds, he praises her intelligence before leaving. She then contemplates the consequences of losing her job because of Reyansh. However, he assures her that he will not pressure her and respects her decision. Reyansh suggests that she join his company instead and promises to make her the head, highlighting their good teamwork in the past. Aradhana reminds him of their successful partnership and acknowledges his offer. She receives a call from Dutta offering her the job and an advance payment of three months. Grateful, she thanks him and returns home to everyone’s congratulations. Jai expresses his joy for her success, but she emphasizes that it was a collective effort between them.

He says I feel shallow, and I should have done this. She says it’s okay; friends support one another selflessly, right? He says right. He says she got an advance and arranged money for the lawyer and doctor, don’t worry, everything will work out. She leaves. Jai takes the alcohol bottle. Dutta says your joining process has been completed, and I will send the MD. He is very impressed. She prays. Reyansh says welcome, Aradhana. Her mind lingers on the sight. He recalls talking to Varun earlier.

Varun tells Reyansh to inform Aradhana about the interview and then asks about the plan. Reyansh uses that as leverage to get Varun’s agreement. The FLASHBACK ends with Reyansh revealing his control over Dutta and their acquisition of the company. Despite Aradhana’s arguments, she eventually leaves. Reyansh reveals his reverse psychology tactics, telling her not to join the company. He plans to merge it with National News and have her work for him. When Aradhana returns home, she realizes Reyansh has tricked her and expresses her reluctance to work for him. Nita reminds her of their financial problems, and Jai says they won’t force her to stay but can’t afford her to lose her job either. They will have to face whatever challenges come their way.

Bhakti invites everyone to relax and have some tea. Aradhana agrees, and Bhakti expresses relief that Akash will be discharged tomorrow. She advises Aradhana, now a wife, to support Jai through his struggles and not become a burden. Aradhana acknowledges this responsibility. However, Jai seems saddened by the situation. Nita suggests discussing the matter with Bani, but Jai refuses, not wanting to involve their past in the present situation. As he leaves, Akash returns home to a surprise welcome from everyone. Nita mentions their concern about arranging a nurse for Akash, but Jai reminds them that they still need time to access finances from London.

Aradhana says we will all take care of Akash. Nita says I’ve got a backache. Jagruti says I’ll massage your back, and you danced well at the event. Nita says we need a nurse, and we need to listen to Aradhana when she’s working. Jai says Aradhana is correct, and we’ll take care of him. As Aradhana gets a call, she says she must go to the office. Jai says okay, go; work comes first. She apologizes. Akash signs her to go. She leaves. Jai wishes Aradhana a good day.


Aradhana and Reyansh go to the hotel for a meeting. Kriti apologizes to Jai. Jai throws the cake. Jai gets angry when he sees Reyansh with Aradhana.

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