Barsatein 14th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Viren’s Deadly Game and Aradhana’s Escape


Barsatein 14th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viren taking Nita to Aradhana. Nita asks if she is alive. Viren says yes, I am making Reyansh suffer, Reyansh took the drug scam responsibility on himself, I faked Aradhana’s death. Nita says I’m glad she died. According to him, Reyansh is in jail because she is alive. She asks what he means. He says Reyansh went to his cabin. I called him and told him Aradhana was alive. He accepted the blame; love is strange, he said.

Nita says wow, brilliant, you’re going to kill Aradhana soon. Viren says you think I’m a gangster to kill people, you always do something that gets us in trouble, what is your problem with Aradhana? She asks what I should do next. Vikram says listen to this. He plays audio. He says I have installed a microphone in the office. Vikram got a tip that you were involved. Nita argues. He threatens her. He says I will kill you before you take my name, and you think you’ll blackmail me.

“I called you here for a task. Varun needs to handle it, and I’ll explain. I have to leave, please close the door when you go. Nita mocks Aradhana and exits. Aradhana struggles but soon notices a knife nearby. Meanwhile, Vikram and Pooja are tending to Kadambari’s well-being. Vikram inquires if she spoke to Reyansh, but Kadambari reveals that he has taken the blame upon himself. Confused, Vikram questions why he would do such a thing, while Pooja believes another person may be involved in this situation. Kadambari receives a message from Viren and asks him to come over. Then, she instructs Vikram and Pooja to rest.”

Viren meets her. She says she is here just for Reyansh’s sake and wants him out of jail. He tells her we are on the verge of catching the real culprit. Mrs. Khurana, Jai’s mother, is the mastermind. I can’t believe it. He says I need your companionship. She says we aren’t in college anymore. He says we want someone, and I would love to live with you.

Despite her insistence that she cannot leave her family and join him, he pleads for them to give their relationship a chance. He promises to speak with Vivek and convince him of their love, but she refuses to involve him. He begs her to let him try, assuring her that if Vivek disagrees, he will handle it without any further contact with her. She questions if he will also assist in freeing Reyansh, and he adamantly assures her that he will do whatever it takes, even bringing Mrs. Khurana to justice. He presents her with a heartfelt letter expressing his love to seal his sincerity.

Nita, Akash, and Varun are in conversation when Jagruti turns to Bani and asks if she would lend a hand in seeking justice for Aradhana. Bani assures her, “You can count on me. We cannot trust them.” Jagruti then apologizes for her previous behavior towards Bani. Bani admits that she had never been romantically involved with Jai and only lied to Aradhana at his request. She expresses her regret for not being able to tell the truth to Aradhana. Varun inquires about whose accident they were discussing and who their boss is. Nita responds, “All I can say is that Reyansh is his enemy, and he has ill intentions towards Reyansh and his parents. With Varun’s help, it may be possible to stop him.”

Varun says no. Nita says 90 lakhs, he is ready to give it to you. Varun says I can do it. Akash says this is disgusting. Nita says it’s the final game. During the Chautha, Nita asks Jagruti how the Chautha went. I prayed a lot for Aradhana. Varun and Jagruti disagree. She insults Jagruti. She received a call and said it was my boss’s. Akash asks who is your boss. Nita thinks about how to mention that my boss was your best friend. She answers the call.

Viren shouts at her, asking if she has locked the door or not. Aradhana has run away due to your carelessness. She is smart, and she will expose you. I will be saved. You are gone. Nita says I have ruined everything. She worries about hearing the doorbell. She says Aradhana may have shown up. Akash laughs and says you have lost the plot. Varun says she’s dead. Nita is called out.


Kadambari smiles. Jai asks Nita did you do all this. Viren points a gun at Kadambari.

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