Main Hoon Saath Tere 17th May 2024 Written Episode: Aryaman’s Arrival and Kian’s Proposal

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 17th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Aryaman helps Janvi stand up, and Kian thinks Aryaman is a good husband. Kian thanks God and Dadi for this. In return for IVF treatment at Bundela Hospital, Reva begs the receptionist to work there for her entire life. Ujwala catches sight of this from afar. The receptionist rudely tells Reva she cannot afford the treatment and calls security to escort her out. Ujwala reprimands the receptionist and then leaves.

When Kian asks Dadi what to do if he finds Janvi the perfect husband, Dadi says to give Shagun to that person and that he will fix their marriage. Kian asks what Shagun means, and Dadi explains that it is a gift given to signify an engagement.

Janvi says she can’t feed him with her hands because she has nail polish on her nail extensions. Kian pleads with Janvi, so she agrees and feeds him. Kian notices one nail extension is missing and thinks he swallowed it. Janvi panics and asks Kian to vomit it out.

He tells Muralidhar that he’s moving to Janvi’s neighborhood to figure out if Janvi was involved with the attackers who went after Brij Bhushan. Aryaman asks what happened when he sees Janvi making Kian puke. As Janvi explains, Aryaman finds the missing nail extension under the kitchen sink, relieving Janvi. He then informs Kian of his move to the neighborhood.

While setting up his house, Kian comes with Shagun and asks Aryaman to marry Janvi. Aryaman politely refuses, saying they are not meant to be. Kian asks what’s wrong with Janvi, and Aryaman comments about her.

In Aryaman’s house, Janvi kills a cockroach from her house. Aryaman and Kian are scared, but Janvi kills it. When Janvi asks Kian why their house has Shagun Ka Thaal, Aryaman tells Kian that Kian asked him to be his cricket coach, and he agrees. As Janvi prepares to do her housework the next day, two masked people try to take her.

Aryaman asks Kian about the Thali. Kian says it’s for Shagun’s new relationship. Aryaman asks about who’s in the new relationship. Kian says I brought Janvi’s proposal to you. Will you marry her?

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