Mangal Lakshmi 20th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Adit’s Anger and Family Dynamics

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 20th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Adit, Kusum says you’ve gone beyond all limits today, Papa says. Gayatri asks why you’re so angry at Karthik. My son only helped. Didn’t hurt anyone. He’s quiet because you’re older. You act like an adult as well. Karthik says maa, let it be. Kusum says Gayatri’s right. My son always seems angry to me. He came here to meet us, took Mangal to the hospital, and helped pack. Why are you treating him so harshly? He did so much, yet this is how you treat him?

I am not sure who acts this way within our family. As a family, we should strive to be like one unit. Be the elder brother figure we need. Unfortunately, your anger has caused some damage. Mangal and Lakshmi are also part of our generation, yet they have managed to maintain a loving and respectful relationship. Yes, I have witnessed it myself. Remember this, Kusum: I will not allow anything to come between me and my sister. Adit may say otherwise, but I do have my faults as well. Can’t I be bothered by something? Fine then. It’s entirely my fault for everything that has transpired. Thank you, Karthik, for handling the situation correctly. Out of everyone in this household, I am undoubtedly the most useless son. If only I could be more like you.

The angry Adit leaves. Karthik says, “I’ll be here soon.” Gayatri tells Kusum I was silent because of you, but Adit has crossed all limits today. According to Kusum, he’s acting like he’s under some evil influence. Mangal also tries to handle things. I’m not sure why he’s acting like this. I’ll talk to Adit. Gayatri says she’s concerned about Karthik.

Karthik is alone near his car when Lakshmi comes out. I love your song Life Tangled in Relationships. She says you know Adit very well. Whenever he scolds you, he gets you ice cream. He loses his track when he gets angry. However, I try to tell Mangal the same thing, but she sees only the good in him. That’s the way she handles it.

She mentions that if it turns sour, Mangal will be emotionally affected. She’ll feel as though it’s her fault. Can you please fix this situation? I understand he’s at fault, but sometimes, finding a resolution is more important than right or wrong. As siblings to Adit and Mangal, we need to handle our disagreements with care. When I’m angry with Mangal, I worry about hurting her feelings. However, we always manage to fix things. Please talk to him now; he agrees that you are correct. According to her, today is the final day in this house. Karthik adds that he doesn’t want to leave on a sour note either. He will take the initiative.

Kusum and Gayatri observe them. Kusum remarks that the young girl seemed mature beyond her years and could persuade Karthik easily. It’s rare to find girls who are involved with their families nowadays, as most prefer not to live with their in-laws. However, daughters-in-law like Mangal possess the skills to keep a family united, just like Lakshmi. Gayatri expresses her son’s patience in handling the situation and attributes it to Mangal’s influence of going out and eating. Kusum sympathizes with Mangal’s injury, while Gayatri shares that her husband left after witnessing it. Thankfully, their son has a big heart and took her to the hospital. Lakshmi is now trying to rectify her sister’s mistakes.

The charger looks up in anger as Adit tries to find it. He asks if she packed my charger as well. Madam used packer services and was enjoying herself. While Karthik is going towards his room, Mangal gives him a cake. It is his favorite cake. Karthik approaches Adit. Does he want anything? Adit asks if anything is left now. Karthik says to have a piece of cake. Adit says to leave it there. Karthik says I’m sorry. Adit says to me that a star is saying I’m sorry.

The Packers will all support you and scold me for making you say sorry. Karthik says I’m just your younger brother. Adit says don’t apologize. They should have told you before calling the Packers. I’m their favorite son. He says I’m your brother. We can fix anything because we’re brothers. I’ve always followed you and wanted to see you happy, so I tried to emulate you. I’m just an ordinary salaried employee, Adit says.

Karthik says you’re someone who manages everything. You work for everyone. You’ve given everyone the best life possible. You always inspire me. I should have asked you; I did not ask you. Adit says it’s not such a big deal. I can’t control my anger. Karthik says we all have a nature. The heart of Karthik is the purest. You only get mad at your family. Jiya calls Karthik, and he goes outside. Mangal tells Karthik he’s in a good mood now.

When Mangal enters the room, Adit asks where the charger is. She replies that it is in your drawer. She charges his phone and then asks if his head hurts. She massages it. Karthik tells Jiya that he is busy with Adit’s shifting. I miss you too, but I can’t meet you. She says you’re always too busy with them. Mangal and Lakshmi are sometimes always present.

Please don’t start, Karthik says. She says you’re reacting to Lakshmi’s name. I don’t have to be jealous. I trust you. Mangal looks to Karthik to give him coffee. Karthik says you’re very understanding, I know. Jiya says no, I don’t care. You’ve been with her since morning. She’s one of your family members. Lakshmi has no problems. He says yes, she’s a sweet girl.

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