Barsatein 15th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Aradhana’s Shocking Return and Viren’s Deadly Plan


Barsatein 15th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

During the episode, the maid asks Nita for money. Nita gives her the money and asks her to leave. The maid asks for 2000 Rs. Nita refuses. The maid says give it; otherwise, I’ll start a scene. Nita gives the money and tells her to leave. Varun laughs. Nita says when you know what happened, Aradhana will come back. Akash asks why she’s gone. She says her boss kept her alive, and we’re trapped.

Viren says Nita is careless. I have threatened her, but I’m under threat, so I need to make a big move. She says I asked you not to come. Viren comes to meet her. She says I asked you not to come. He says he has important info to share with you, and I told you I would help you, and you could bring Reyansh home. According to her, she spoke to a lawyer who said that Reyansh’s case is difficult.

He says, “I have arranged it; you can meet Reyansh.” She replies, “I will change and come.” He cautions, “Don’t take your phone along. As a celebrity, it’s better to leave it here.” She agrees, “Okay, I will be back.” He adds ominously, “You’re not going to meet your son but to play the finale.”

Viren looks at Reyansh’s picture with fury. He stabs the photo, saying, “I will kill you, your mom, dad, and Aradhana.” At that moment, Vikram and Pooja enter. Vikram demands, “What are you doing?” Nita quickly defends herself, “I didn’t do anything.” Just then, Bani comes home, leading to an argument with Nita.

Bani says, “You should be worried now. I didn’t come alone; I brought someone and told him the truth.” Nita asks, “How could you do this?” Bani responds, “I had to.” Nita retorts, “I’m not afraid of anyone. Did Aradhana think she could show up and I’d welcome her? You have no idea what I’m capable of. Call her in. I want to talk to her face to face, and this time, I’ll kill her.”

Just then, Jai arrives. Nita is shocked to see him. He demands, “What did you say? Aradhana is alive, and you said you would kill her?” Bani interjects, “Why did you think I would bring Aradhana?” Jai, now emotional, presses Nita, “Answer me. Did you do this? Is Aradhana alive?” He starts to cry.

Vikram asks when you came here. Viren says nothing. I was feeling pain in my chest, but I’m fine now. Kadambari says he’s taking me to meet Reyansh, and I’m ecstatic. I will come along with him, Vikram says. Viren says no, that Reyansh’s mom will meet him. Vikram says don’t worry, take me along, uncle. Viren thinks about how I will kill Kadambari if they come, or if I should kill them all. He says okay.

Vikram stumbles and holds his hand. He thinks he looks like that kidnapper. They leave. Viren believes I have to kill them. Jai asks Nita if Aradhana is still alive. Nita says yes, she is still alive. Jai says you knew I was broken. Why did you do this? She says I didn’t do anything, and I was forced to do this. He asks who asked you to do this.

I didn’t do anything wrong with you, she says. She’s not made for you. He says you kidnapped her, but she says he did and threatened me. Jai says I lost my faith in you, you always cheat, who asked you to do this, I’ll get Aradhana, where is she? She says she has run away, but she has not come home, I don’t know. Bani says she is lying. He tells her to tell me who that mastermind is and where Aradhana is. Bani asks her.

In Viren’s words, the man is going to meet us here, he is a big man, he does his work discreetly, I will call him and ask when he will arrive. Wait here. Kadambari asks what’s wrong, and says we need to meet that man. Viren says I won’t be going, and I’ll send you three. Vikram asks what you are talking about. Kadambari asks when the man will arrive.

As soon as he gets there, Viren says Yamraj will take people. He points the gun at them. Kadambari asks what are you saying. Viren says Yamraj comes to take people. He shoots at the ground and scares them. Kadambari asks what you’re doing. According to him, Reyansh played with Kimaya’s life, expecting me to love you, but you were a failure as a wife and mother; if you had raised him correctly, this would not have happened. He has become a monster.

It is not Reyansh’s mistake, Aradhana… Viren says shut up. Vikram says to leave me; it is not Reyansh’s mistake. Kadambari says relax, you punish me, let them go. Viren says they said they wanted to come, but I asked them not to come. Now, I am punishing them so that I will kill one of them. Aradhana and Reyansh meet there. Reyansh says Yamraj has arrived, and you called me.


Viren says I’ll hurt you a lot. He shoots Aradhana. Reyansh pulls her. Jai gets shot.

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