Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 25th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 25th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

It begins with Jai and Aradhana talking. He says I am here to visit the expo, and you are going to help family members. He says I know everything, you are Malini’s daughter. She asks how do you know. He says I’ll show you. He shows you a picture of Malini and her daughters. He says it’s a sweet picture, you look gorgeous like your mom. I mean your mom is beautiful too. He pays the bill. She says girls can also pay. Jai says we’ll leave now. They leave.

At the expo, Kriti admires the guys and mentions that they are attractive. Komal then points out that they are much older than their father. Kriti defends her opinion by saying Anil Kapoor vibes are acceptable. They continue to have a friendly argument until Jai arrives with Aradhana. However, she notices that a note has gone missing and asks the servant about it, who explains that it has not been found. Jai joins them and Viren calls him over. After greeting Viren and Malini, Jai is surprised when Viren begins to reveal some of his secrets but also compliments him for being a good-looking man and expresses his admiration for Aradhana’s potential as an editor. Kriti greets Jai while Komal proudly introduces Aradhana as her sister. Malini asks about Jai’s mother and he informs her that she will be joining them later on. As Kimaya approaches, Malini suggests she meet Jai but she is more interested in knowing about Vikram’s whereabouts, which prompts Viren to ask the same question. Jai explains that Vikram’s car had a puncture but quickly corrects himself by clarifying that it was just his car that had

Kimaya remains melancholic, while Malini predicts that her face may light up upon Vikram’s arrival. Reyansh interrupts and scolds Aradhana, asking how the person she was laughing with was. Aradhana defends the man’s good looks, questioning Reyansh’s ego and suggesting he go break a bottle. He accuses her of taunting him and asks what her problem is. She points out that he had left her alone, leaving Reyansh to question what happened and whether the man helped her. Aradhana admits to giving him a chance but tells Reyansh to leave. Jai inquires if there is an issue, but Reyansh denies it and tells Jai to carry on. Aradhana blames Reyansh for making them late, as he cues her to watch him on stage. She expresses concern that he will cause drama like before and end up losing his job this time. Viren asks what he is doing, but all Reyansh does is joke about the company news before turning his attention back to Kimaya, who smiles upon seeing Vikram.

Reyansh proudly announces that our team has successfully exposed the wrongdoings of a drug racket, and everyone applauds in recognition of our achievement. He extends his hand for a handshake as Jai greets him with a “Namaste”. The man in charge informs us that the winner will be announced after a 30-minute break. Reyansh expresses his concern about possibly running late and ruining the presentation, to which Jai explains that he was helping Viren. Viren then introduces Jai to Vikram, whom Jai recognizes as Aradhana’s boss who is known for being rude. He mentions that he believed Aradhana was the editor and recalls how she was once left alone in the jungle by someone. Reyansh jokingly comments on bringing Aradhana along, leading to banter between him and Jai. Amidst their playful arguing, Aradhana looks worried. Reyansh challenges Jai to hit him, but instead, they hug each other and burst into laughter.

Everyone is taken aback when Jai and Reyansh meet. Despite their 15-year friendship, Jai is surprised to see that Reyansh has forgotten his supposed best friend and goes in for a hug. This makes Aradhana realize that perhaps they are not as close as she thought, as she had shared so much about Reyansh with Jai before. Jai brings up the fact that Reyansh changed his name, to which he responds that he will explain later. Just then, Jai’s father joins them and greets everyone. Reyansh proudly mentions that they also have contacts and friends in high places, to which Viren playfully reminds him not to get cocky. Curious about why Jai came all the way to India, Reyansh asks if it was to buy them out since Jai has become quite the media baron. But Jai clarifies that it’s not happening anytime soon.

Vikram states, “I’m also Reyansh’s best friend, I’m not a bad person.” Sunaina and Aradhana also leave. Reyansh asks, “How’s life?” Jai responds, “You have to tolerate a lot.” Kimaya expresses feeling pitied by everyone. Kriti introduces her elder sister to Jai before he notices Aradhana. Kriti proudly mentions how the Khanna sisters are well-known in Dehradun. Jai playfully adds, “Of course, Khanna Kanyas.” Aradhana sympathizes with Kimaya’s situation and offers some advice based on her own experience of being publicly humiliated. She shares that time eventually heals all wounds, although it may be difficult to determine how much time is needed. In the meantime, Reyansh shows his love for Aradhana while Kimaya notices and admires him as a good man who will make his future partner lucky. Jai also sees and observes both Aradhana and Kimaya.


Aradhana asks why do you want my truth revealed. Jai smiles at Aradhana. Malini gets the letter. Aradhana asks why do you want my truth revealed?

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