Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Vandana expressing her desire to maintain all relationships in her new home and be accepted as their daughter. She asks for permission to also maintain ties with her birth family, pursue her job, and continue her passion for music. After Savita and Vaibhav grant their approval, Vandana thanks them and embraces Vedika. The latter reassures Vandana of her importance in the household and promises to take good care of her. Vandana then seeks blessings from Pammi and shares a heartfelt hug with her. As Vijay sheds tears, Vandana bids farewell to each family member before tearfully leaving. Amidst emotional goodbyes, she hands Anagha a picture with a note attached. As everyone reads the note, they become overwhelmed with emotions. Unable to hold back tears, Vandana finally departs from the house while Vijay calls out after her in agony.

As Vandana leaves with Vaibhav, Kunal watches on and expresses his wishes. He hopes that she will either never discover the truth or learn it as soon as possible to prevent any further harm. He understands the pain of being deceived all too well and wants her to be prepared for whatever may come. As they arrive home, Vaniabhav comforts Vandana, urging her not to cry anymore. Savita then asks Vandana to perform a ritual before entering the house. Just then, Vaibhav receives a call from Mrunal. Despite everything, Vandana remains determined to keep these relationships in her heart and do her best for them. As Vaibhav goes back, it is clear that their journey together is far from over.

Everyone sees Vaibhav stumble and the kalash falls backwards. Savita asks Vandana, what’s this, the rice fell outside, a bad omen. Vaibhav says no, it isn’t a bad omen, I have office work, so I will go inside and do the rituals. Savita says the aarti will happen when you come in with your husband. Come in alone, we will see the aarti later. Vandana steps inside, looking at Vaibhav’s family picture. Parisa says that she will receive a photo album from me.

According to Pammi, the wedding was satisfactory. Vedika praises Vandana for her dedication and financial investment. Savita instructs Vandana to make ginger tea for the tired guests and reminds her to make it perfectly. Vandana agrees and prepares the tea and coffee as requested. She also checks on her phone to see where Vaibhav is. Despite being new to cooking in this house, Vandana prays for a successful first meal. As she cooks, she tucks her saree into place. When Anjali arrives, Vandana asks how her headache is, showing concern for her well-being. Anjali assures her it’s fine and asks when the tea will be ready. Meanwhile, Kunal is nowhere to be found and Pammi asks him where he went. Kunal replies that he’s already completed his responsibilities and guarantees nothing, stating that Vandana shouldn’t have married into their family if she can’t handle it.


Kunal tells Vandana that he tried his best. Vaibhav is with Mrunal. Vandana calls Kunal.

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