Mangal Lakshmi 22nd March 2024 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi Faces Challenges Ahead of Grah Pravesh

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 22nd March 2024 Written Episode Update on

I stayed silent because you made me do so. These are your in-laws. I can’t insult them. I won’t embarrass you. I know the truth doesn’t need justifications. Mangal says that you are so mature. She says you should stay. Don’t go home. Lakshmi agrees. Mangal kisses him. Lakshmi says let’s end it here. Don’t talk to anyone. Tomorrow is a big day. Just get ready for grah pravesh.

As Mangal awakens, she gazes upon the house and divulges the unfortunate news to Kusum. Inquiring about Lakshmi’s whereabouts, Kusum shares her knowledge of Lakshmi’s virtuous qualities and downfall in the situation at hand. Recounting her conversation with impulsive Gayatri, Kusum mentions her plan for Lakshmi to depart in the morning, but not before gifting her a saree to don. Assuming that the saree is meant for Lakshmi, Kusum explains her reason for wanting Lakshmi to dress like them. Pleased with this idea, Mangal decides to deliver the saree as she heads over there personally.

The workers are told to complete the cleanup before we arrive. Adit tells Mangal she is going to Shanti’s place. She says I will go straight there. Adit asks if Lakshmi has left. She says yes. Adit says to teach your sister some manners. Be sure she stays within her limits. She was questioning me. Has she seen her actions? He said Lakshmi wasn’t at fault. He says Lakshmi is always around him. Don’t hide her acts. She says don’t say that.

Mangal notices the old nameplate and fondly recalls her first arriving at this house after marrying Adit. She runs over the nameplate and mentions keeping it among their belongings. Adit suggests leaving it behind and getting a new one made, but Mangal insists on keeping it as it holds sentimental value. However, Adit has no good memories associated with the house and wants to eliminate many unnecessary items. He asks her if there is anything else she wants to leave behind before reminding her that she should hurry up and leave since she is running late.

Lakshmi tries to sell her mom’s utensils. She bargains for a reasonable price. She’s selling them to get a sofa for Mangal. Mangal stops Lakshmi. She says, sorry, we will not sell those. He leaves. Mangal says, are you insane? You’re selling your mom’s utensils? It’s her last memory. Adit made everything. He bought a sofa based on the theme. Lakshmi hugs her and tears. She says I wanted to give you a lovely gift. Nothing matters more than you. Mangal says all I care about is your smile.

One day, Lakshmi says she will give you a lovely gift. She asks if I ought to make you tea. Lakshmi shows her an embroidered nameplate. Does it suit you? Mangal says I do. He gives Lakshmi the saree. Lakshmi likes it. She asked if anyone had said anything after I returned. Mangal recalls what Adit said. She says no one said anything. Everyone knows you. Don’t worry. Get ready, we’re late.

The grah pravesh starts. Adit and Kusum welcome everyone. Kusum says the decor is lovely. Karthik says loves the decor. Gayatri says you made us all proud. You’ve made your mom very happy. Akshar says my friends can also come to play. Ishana says my friends would also come here. The decor is beautiful, says Papa. Kusum asks why she’s so excited about our house. Did she charge a lot? Adit says she was helping me a lot. Karthik asks where Mangal is. Kusum says she’s inside.

Kusum and Mangal prepare for the pooja. Pandit Ji asks Lakshmi to move the sofa for the pooja. Karthik helps her. She says you. He thinks I can help. She says do it yourself. She ignores him. Karthik says, please listen. She says Aunty will cause trouble again tomorrow. Please stay away from me.

Karthik apologizes for what happened. Lakshmi leaves. Kusum tells Mangal to dress for the pooja. Mangal wears her wedding chunri. Adit arrives. He tells her to go fast. I have to get ready as well.

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