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Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Somaiya called the restaurant and said to send your caterers right now. He says our bookings are pre-booked. We can’t do anything now. Somaiya is worried. She says I don’t know what to do. Mangal asks what happened. Do you need help? Somaiya says no one can help me. Mangal asks if the food arrived, and Somaiya says no. Mangal asks why. You already booked. She says yes, but the food is not coming. I’ll think about it.

It doesn’t work with anger, Mangal says. Somaiya says I apologize for being tense. I have to tell Adit. Mangal is worried. Lakshmi asks if everything is okay. Mangal says food is not coming. We have to do something. They start cooking. Mangal and Lakshmi get the stuff ready. Sony helps Lakshmi as well. Sonu adds extra salt by mistake. Mangal adds flour. She says this will fix the problem.

His friends congratulate him on not attending the college reunion with his wife. Adit says I was busy. They ask where Bhabhi is. Adit says she buys into the arrangement. She will be coming in a little bit. They ask where your wife is; we have met the kids already. They ask where your wife is. Mangal cuts the onion, and Lakshmi says Sonu and I will finish the rest. Akshar tells Mangal that his father called him.

Lakshmi says we’ll handle it here. A few of Adit’s friends give him gifts. Mangal comes. Adit sees her condition. He asks her to leave. Adit says my wife is busy. You can meet her later. Karthik says Bhabhi is right here. They notice Karthik and get distracted. They say, Adit, you didn’t tell me he’d come. He says Meet my brother Karthik. He asks Mangal to leave. Karthik stops Mangal and says first, meet my Bhabhi. Everyone was waiting for you.

Adit is embarrassed as Mangal sweats and looks terrible. Karthik says this is our Bhabhi. All of them wanted to meet you. Karthik’s friends are shocked to see her. They give Mangal gifts. Adit’s friend says Adit never brought you to our meeting. We finally got to meet you. We always wondered who was handling this hot-headed person 24/7. You are doing an excellent job. They ask her about herself. Adit says come, let’s call Seema. You have a lovely, serene house, according to the guy.

According to Mangal, the beach is visible from this spot. Adit is feeling embarrassed as she’s not fluent in English. Karthik clarified that he meant it was a peaceful view. Mangal apologizes for her lack of proficiency in English. However, she reassures Adit that there’s no need to worry since they all speak Hindi too. They compliment her, saying she’s very kind-hearted. They also notice how different Adit’s wife is from him: simple and sweet. Adit realizes they’re making fun of them, while his wife believes they are praising her simplicity. The woman wearing a beautiful saree ignores Adit completely.

I’ll come in in a few minutes, she says. They make fun of Mangal for not talking to Adit. Mangal says sorry, that’s not what I meant. She asks what everyone is going to drink. Karthik says nobody cooks food like Mangal Bhabhi. Adit’s friend says now we can understand why you didn’t let us meet Bhabhi. They laugh. A girl asks Karthik if she can take a selfie. All of them leave. Adit asks Mangal to leave.

Somaiya is concerned as she tries to organize the food. Karthik reaches out for Mangal’s hand and leads her outside. Somaiya calls out to Adit, but he dismisses her request. He then ushers Mangal into the room hastily. Somaiya observed that he seemed pretty angry. Karthik, on the other hand, turns his attention to the food. The waiter informs him that Lakshmi and Mangal were the ones who prepared it. Karthik voices his concern about it potentially being too spicy. Lakshmi responds with a warning for those who can’t handle spice. Sonu approaches Lakshmi and informs her that Mangal is missing. Lakshmi wonders where she could have gone and accidentally bumps into Karthik in her confusion.

You called me that because I was working. He asks who am I? Mangal says, my husband. He asks who else? She says Ishana and Akshar’s father. He asks who else? She says Adit Saxena. She says the senior manager of the office. The senior manager shoves her in the mirror and asks, “Who is this?” She says, “Your wife.” He asks, “Who else?”

How do you look like your husband, Adit Saxena’s wife? He shouts in anger. He says you look like a maid. What’s that? Have you seen the way girls are styled these days? Your hair looks like garbage. Mangal cries, “How dare you come to my friends with such a face and condition?” Put on perfume. You stink like a toilet. Mangal cries.

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