Main Hoon Saath Tere 23rd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 23rd May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Aryaman gives Janvi a bouquet and says they are for her. Janvi sneezes continuously and tells Aryaman she is allergic to white roses. After saying he brought white roses to apologize to her, she leaves. Aryaman thinks that the plan failed. Muralidhar signals Aryaman to play the guitar, and Janvi asks Muralidhar to calm down.

To demonstrate to Prince that she can give him a good upbringing and take care of the business, Raina asks Abhay to find dirt on Janvi. Despite playing the guitar and singing a song for Janvi, Aryaman ignores her. Aryaman flirts with Janvi, but she doesn’t understand his actions, so she leaves. Later, Ritu informs Janvi that Aryaman is trying to propose to her. After realizing Aryaman’s intentions, Janvi decides to punish him.

Pushkar questions Abhay about his reason for calling, given that Pushkar is only a junior accountant in their workplace. Abhay explains that he contacted Pushkar due to his relationship with Janvi and expresses frustration that his child cannot play cricket because of Kian. He then requests Pushkar’s help in uncovering any incriminating information about Janvi. To emphasize his point, Abhay presents two options to Pushkar: one envelope containing Rs 25,000 and the other containing a letter of termination, asking Pushkar to select one. After accepting the money, Pushkar reveals that Kian is Janvi’s illegitimate son. Later on, Abhay shares this news with Raina. She deems it a sufficient measure to teach Janvi a lesson.

Aryaman overhears Janvi’s phone conversation and becomes suspicious that she may be connected to the shooter who attacked Brij Bhushan. When he confronts her about it, she clarifies that she is actually talking to her dentist and even proves it by calling the number back. However, Aryaman still questions her about a receipt with her name. Janvi responds by explaining that she is investigating the receipt, which is why it is on her desk. In response, Aryaman reveals that he came close to catching the shooter but only found a parking ticket and a piece of cloth. Then, Janvi notices a car number on the ticket and suggests they investigate in the parking lot.

After seeing Janvi talking on the phone again, Aryaman suspects her. He takes her phone and confirms she has not called the shooter. They find the car and find out from the security that it belongs to Advocate Shukla, who left it there two weeks ago, around the time of Brij Bhushan’s attack.

Aryaman and Janvi arrive at the court to discover an advocate strike in progress, leaving only the marriage section functional. To gather information, they pose as a couple seeking to get married. Meanwhile, Kian returns home and spots mango juice in the refrigerator before making a video calling Janvi to express his gratitude. As an attendant hands Aryaman and Janvi garlands, they are instructed to prepare for the wedding. Kian assumes that they are getting married and becomes thrilled. However, Janvi reassures him not to overthink and ends the call. The attendant informs them that they can proceed with the marriage since another registrar is currently available.


Raina is informed that Pushkar is not home, and Kian is alone. Raina says the child welfare society should be notified about the negligence. Reva listens to the conversation and informs Janvi about the plan. After reading her text, Janvi gets worried and tries to leave the room. Aryaman says the court is closed so that nobody will open the door. I have to go, or the child welfare officials will take Kian away from me, according to Janvi.

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