Main Hoon Saath Tere 11th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman’s Struggles and Janvi’s Brave Act

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 11th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Aryaman goes to see Brij Bhushan at his hospital. Raina tells Brij Bhushan she has made the will, as he requested. Brij Bhushan prepares to sign it, but Ujwala stops him. Though she knows he won’t leave anything for Aryaman, she believes he wants to be with her.

Aryaman learns Brij Bhushan has cancelled his job because he last showed up three days ago. Angry, Brij Bhushan scolds Aryaman for ruining the family’s reputation. Aryaman overhears. Suyesh and Raina take Brij Bhushan away from Aryaman. Suyesh tells Ujwala that Aryaman is trying to find out who attacked Brij Bhushan. Ujwala says they will reveal the truth once Aryaman succeeds.

During Ritu’s wedding at Janvi’s house, the groom’s family arrives. Having observed and learned from Janvi, Ritu handles their presence with grace. Pushkar is puzzled by their unexpected visit. Reeva assures him that they will hold it and then join him. The groom’s mother takes a liking to both Janvi and Ritu. She expresses interest in Janvi for her elder son, a widower with a daughter. Even after discovering Kian, the groom’s mother remains open to the potential match. However, Pushkar interjects, hinting at the uncertainty surrounding Kian’s father. This results in an argument, and the guests leave abruptly. Pushkar imitates Janvi’s mannerisms to lighten the tense atmosphere.

Dadi feels sad about the situation. Janvi tells Dadi that anyone who comes into her life has to accept Kian. Kian calls Aryaman, feeling unloved. Aryaman reassures him and shares his pain about his father hating him. Muralidhar talks to Aryaman later. As he recalls how Brij Bhushan threw him out of his house, Aryaman shares his pain about his father’s reaction.


As Janvi tries to fight the Goons, Kian sees everything and shouts, “Leave her alone.” A Goon interrogates Janvi about what she saw when Brijbhushan was shot. To escape, she throws red chilli powder in one of the goons’ eyes and faints. Another goon gets angry and stabs her with a knife.

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