Jhanak 9th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Anirudh and Jhanak’s Secret Marriage Revealed

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During the episode, Anirudh says he is helpless and cannot go there. Shrishti asks his name. She says Rahul is his name, right? I know Rahul and Jhanak had an affair. Anirudh says he is not Rahul. Tanuja and Shubh argue that Jhanak is your wife, your responsibility, and she can’t stay here; she’s lying.

Shubh says that it is essential that we also know the truth. Anirudh Sir knows everything. She did not lie, and she just concealed the truth. Anirudh says you know it now, and I apologise for the mistakes. Shubh says she makes mistakes every day. Shrishti says you should tell Tejas about your marriage and how long you plan to run. Anirudh says I will explain to her and forgive her.

You know Tejas, he is angry, he won’t leave us alive, if you give me some time, I’ll get everything working. Dadi says to start mantras before the mahurat ends. Jhanak cries as she and her husband read the mantras aloud. Anjana and Appu ask what happened. Appu says your husband will take you away.

Anirudh promises that we will meet one day. Pandit chants mantras. Dadi asks Jhanak to read them aloud and clearly. Arshi says marriage is happening, not a punishment, so read them without crying. Jhanak and Anirudh chant the mantras, and the Pandit asks how the sindoor daan ritual will be conducted. Shrishti asks what happened. Don’t you want to marry your husband? Don’t you like him now? Jhanak and Anirudh chant the mantras together. Lal asks Anirudh if he has Sindoor, and Anirudh answers yes.

Shubh asks What’s this drama? Does marriage happen this way? Jhanak will apply sindoor in her maang over a video call. Anirudh asks Pandit to start. He reads the mantras while holding the sindoor. Shrishti notices the band in Anirudh’s hand and urges Arshi to look at it. Arshi agrees. Shrishti asks where Anirudh is. Arshi replies that he went to the office. Dadi replies that he had an important meeting.

Shrishti asks did you speak to Anirudh? Arshi says no, he’s busy. Shrishti says he got Jhanak here. Call him. Could you make a video call with him? Tanuja says he didn’t have anything to do here. Shubh says it’s essential to find out the truth about Jhanak’s marriage. It’s over, Anirudh says. Pandit says sindoor daan is over. Anirudh asks Jhanak to take care. He ends the call. He gets Arshi’s call. She asked if your meeting was over and if you could come on a video call. Anirudh says yes, it’s over. She says the marriage is over, too.

Changing the jacket, he asks whether her husband came on the video call. Everyone is happy. It is done, everything is weird, that guy came on video call, didn’t show his face, read the mantras, and married Jhanak; he should take her from here. He says yes, he will take her, what’s the problem? Arshi asks if you are free and if we can make a video call. He says yes, I forgot. She makes a video call. He talks to Arshi and Shrishti. Shrishti taunts Jhanak.

I’m sure Jhanak liked your coming. Arshi says I have rehearsals. He says yes, you’re always busy. I don’t know if you’ll spend time with me after marriage. She says have lunch; we’ll talk later. He ends the call.

Anjana says Jhanak can break her fast now. Dadi says yes, we’ll have sweets first. She asks her husband if he kept a fast today. Jhanak says no. Tanuja says to leave it, Arshi; she doesn’t know the customs. Appu says come, Jhanak; your marriage is over. Bipasha invites Shrishti to lunch.

As Shrishti says, “I’m just here for the wedding.” She gives Jhanak a gift. Arshi says you said you’d throw this saree away. Shrishti says Arshi ignores important things. Anjana says she has memories with this saree, don’t scold her today, she did everything we told her to do. Jhanak goes. Tanuja agrees; the tension is over.

Shrishti says she can break the marriage, and if she loved her husband, she wouldn’t have stayed here. Anirudh is smart, intelligent, and has a job, so keep an eye on Jhanak. Shubh says sure. Bipasha says we should announce Anirudh and Arshi’s marriage. Shrishti says yes, I’ll talk to Vinayak. Arshi says whatever you guys decide is fine with me. Shrishti wants the announcement to take place soon.

She gives Jhanak sarees and gold earrings, saying I got them at my wedding. Jhanak says it is not needed. Dadi says we also have respect in society. Jhanak says I don’t often wear gold and expensive clothes. Dadi says gold is given on such occasions, so keep it and don’t argue. Appu says to keep it.

Tanuja taunts Jhanak. Jhanak accepts it. Dadi says you got married, and your husband and wife should stay together. Appu says sit here, Jhanak. Anirudh comes and asks: who’s here, where’s Shyam da, will I get coffee?

Tanuja asks Anjana to make coffee for Anirudh. Anirudh says it’s alright; I’m not in a hurry. Rumi says Mum and Dad are going out. Tanuja says yes, there’s a club party.

Jhanak says I don’t need it. Appu thinks it will suit you; you look beautiful in the red saree, right Anirudh? Anirudh nods and sees Jhanak. I don’t have much, sorry, just a tiny necklace, silver with gold plating. It will suit you, shall I make you wear it? Jhanak cries with joy. Everyone has something for Jhanak, so I should give her something when she marries Rahul. I don’t know whether we will stay in touch after she marries Rahul, so I don’t know what to give her.


She says I will die, but not with you. Tejas says you become mine. Anirudh comes to Jhanak. He tells her not to worry, but she asks what will you do? Tejas has pictures of that night.

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