Suhaagan 12th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Amma’s Troubling Behavior


Suhaagan 12th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode opens, Bindiya finds Dadi Amma missing. She asks the guard to check where she is. She sees Dadi hiding behind the trees and eating the leaves. She asks her if she is hungry and what she wants to eat. It turns out she will eat Jalebi. The guard says he will bring it and leaves. Bindiya thinks we will sit. Amma runs away. Bindiya runs behind her.

Baldev tells Indu that the matter will be resolved within one night. He reminds Indu that they had gone to meet her after marriage. A Facebook is shown, and they go to the mental asylum. Baldev tells her not to be concerned. Indu bends down to receive her blessings but pulls her hair. Indu shouts. Baldev makes her leave Indu. The Facebook ends. I wouldn’t say I like that trouble, Indu says.

Amma pushes Bindiya with her head and asks her to feed her jalebis. Everyone looks at them. Amma bites Bindiya’s finger. Payal smirks. Krish feels bad as Bindiya writhes in pain. Amma pushes Bindiya. Baldev tells Indu that Bindiya has not improved, but she has become even madder.

She says she can’t let her stay here. Baldev says she had me in her womb for nine months, and I can’t let her stay here for one night. When Indu tells him to keep his Shravan Kumar to rest, Sati Savitri says that if she harms you, she will hurt you. Baldev says she isn’t a wild animal. Amma is sleeping on Bindiya’s shoulder when he sees her. Amma wakes up and pushes Bindiya, asking her not to touch her.

During the night, Baldev asks Indu to keep Bindiya in charge of Amma, and Indu tells him that the more Amma suffers, the more peaceful I will be. Baldev asks her to speak respectfully about his mother. Bindiya applies ointment to Amma’s feet. She says she doesn’t want the sinner or the old lady in the house in the morning.

She thinks she enjoys watching Bindiya get beaten. Sakshi says Papa Ji used to visit her in Agra since Agra also has a mental asylum. Indu comes there and tells them to stay in their rooms until morning. Krish asks what’s going on? Baldev is bringing Amma and Bindiya home, Indu replies.

Krish asks who is permitted to come back. Sakshi says trouble and problems are a deadly combination. Bindiya asks Krish to take Amma ji into the guest room and says you both have to leave in the morning. Indu asks her to come. Krish says Bindiya killed my baby, so I won’t let her stay. Indu asks him to understand.

When asked to let them handle Amma first, she tells him she will tell him the reason tomorrow. After taking Amma in, Bindiya stops Baldev from joining them and asks Servant to accompany her. Bindiya tries to handle Amma. Bindiya has damaged our happiness, and Mummy Ji is letting her stay here. Krish whispers to Krish, asking if this dadi is more important than my baby.

She says God knows if she is your Dadi or if it was Bindiya’s other plan with Papa Ji. Krish asks Indu why she has done favours for Bindiya. Indu says she had given her Kali pani punishment, which you thought was a favour. Baldev says he cannot bear the insult of his murderer. Krish says she was dead when she came back and asked Baldev not to take help from a fake mother so Bindiya could stay here.

Bindiya tries to stop Amma, but Amma pushes her against the wall. Bindiya gets hurt but still tries to hold her. The servant says she can’t handle her. As Indu explains to Krish, Baldev’s real mother is Indu, and your papa isn’t lying; otherwise, I wouldn’t have supported her. Krish asks how he can be believed.

Indu tells Amma that Bindiya has come to care for her and asks where to get Nurse late at night. Payal asks why Bindiya is kept to take care of her. When she reaches the door, Indu asks her to deal with her. Indu says didn’t you see how she beat up Bindiya, and she tells whatever she does. To calm down Amma, Bindiya uses Ballu’s name. Amma asks if Ballu will show up.

Bindiya says yes, you must also clean the room for Ballu. Amma messes up the room and jumps on the bed. She looks in the mirror and says dirty. Bindiya asks should I clean your clothes. Amma tells her it’s messy.

When your Ballu comes, Bindiya says I’ll open it. Amma hits her. Bindiya runs and hides behind the bed. Indu sympathizes with Payal and tells her she feels bad about losing her grandchild. She says that she kept Bindiya intentionally to punish her all night and send her off in the morning.


Dadi pushes Payal from the terrace. Krish shouts at Payal.

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