Jhanak 23rd November 2023 Written Episode: Anirudh Encourages Jhanak’s Dance Journey

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The episode begins with Anirudh catching a glimpse of Jhanak’s joyful dance. She notices his presence and exclaims, “You!” He replies, saying that she must accompany him. However, Jhanak declines, stating that it’s inappropriate for him to interfere in her personal life. Anirudh insists and gives her a five-minute time frame to get ready. Curious, Jhanak asks where they are going. Anirudh explains that Arshi needs the ghungroo, and they should go together. Jhanak suggests he could have asked her for it instead, as she has work to attend to. Anirudh insists on fetching the ghungroo themselves, despite Jhanak’s protest that hers is old. Faced with a dilemma, Jhanak wonders what to do next.

Rahul says Jhanak is talented, but she is ruining her potential. Urvashi asks if you got the ghungroo. Anirudh says yes, Jhanak went to take it, I will take her to the festival, I don’t know the route, map isn’t working. Jhanak gets ghungroos. Anirudh says she will show me a shortcut. Jhanak says no, you go. Urvashi says fine, Jhanak shouldn’t go inside the auditorium.

After Tejas prepares and leaves, Anirudh invites Jhanak to sit in the front seat. As the festival commences, Pandit Brij Bhushan is invited on stage, and the anchor introduces him along with Kaushali and Shrishti. Meanwhile, Arshi eagerly awaits Jhanak and Anirudh’s arrival. Shrishti expresses her contentment while Brij reveals his exhaustion, hoping to feel better after watching his daughter’s performance. She humbly credits her father’s blessings for her success. As they converse, Anirudh suddenly remembers to ask Jhanak about her pain. She responds by stating that their usual family drama hurts her physical body, heart, mind, and confidence. Thus, she decides it is time for her to leave. Despite taking medication, the pain persists due to these daily struggles.

Arshi asked me to fetch you, but she apologizes for being unable to do it herself. I’m also sorry, but I cannot fulfill her request. As she steps out of the car, I inquire about her well-being. However, before she could answer, I stopped her and informed her that she must participate in the upcoming festival. She hesitates and reminds me of the previous day’s incident where she was physically assaulted. She fears that if she participates again, it will disgrace her mother. To reassure her, I promise that this time will be different and assure her there is no need for concern. Remember Urvashi? She lives nearby with Bharat. Due to some unfortunate events, the villagers ostracized her from the community. She was trying to contact you for help through her daughter, who also resides in this area. Her daughter is just like Urvashi and I thought you should know if she tries to approach you.

Brij states that my lack of interest in this performance has led me to decide to go after the festival concludes. Anirudh reminds Jhanak that Arshi wishes for her to perform and believes this is a fantastic opportunity for Jhanak’s talent to shine. He reassures her that performing will not bring negative consequences, as he and Arshi promise. Furthermore, he advises her to consider how this performance can enhance her reputation and fulfill her dreams. Despite the encouragement, Jhanak declines to perform. However, Anirudh reminds her of her passion by giving her ghungroos and wishing her all the best before she takes the stage.

Everyone anxiously searches for Anirudh, but Arshi assures them to stay calm and wait for his arrival. Eventually, Anirudh appears, explaining that he was wandering around the festival. Arshi then asks if she joined him, to which Anirudh replies that he granted her request but dropped her off at the main gate. He is uncertain if she will participate in the performance and expresses his concern about heightening competition. Arshi dismisses this idea, reasoning that Jhanak might feel better if she dances after getting beaten up the previous day. Urvashi becomes furious with Jhanak, while Radha reminds them not always to discuss her physical abuse. Meanwhile, Tejas arrives at the festival as well.

The anchor calls him on stage. Tejas greets the judges. Vinayak says he’s not an industrialist but a criminal. Anirudh takes pictures of Arshi. The performances begin. Arshi appears on stage. She dances on Kamli. Everyone claps for her. Bharat sponsors the Kashmir festival and is preparing for politics.

The anchor praises Arshi and calls the next contestant, Jhanak, who shocks Shrishti and everyone present. Anirudh shows his approval through applause as Jhanak enters wearing ghungroos. She appears scared upon seeing the crowd. Shrishti inquires about her performance, while Bharat questions who added her name to the list. The man also asks who added her name, and emotionally, Rahul watches from the audience. He believes this is a chance for Jhanak’s life to change and gives them a firm answer. Bharat admires Jhanak’s courage for coming here despite the circumstances, while Mami wonders how Urvashi allowed it. Anirudh wishes Jhanak all the best before Shrishti urges Bharat to remove Urvashi from their lives.


Anirudh and Jhanak fall down the cycle. Anirudh and Jhanak have a moment. Shrishti says Jhanak is Urvashi’s illegitimate child. Arshi says we can end Jhanak’s matter here.

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