Jhanak 29th November 2023 Written Episode: Urvashi’s Desperation, Jhanak Faces Threats

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There is a heated argument between Tejas and Urvashi in the episode. She asks Bharat to give Tejas Arya’s hand. Bharat shouts at her. Tejas says I cannot hear anymore and will leave. Brij says you have done a good job. Shrishti, thanks, we should do a dance show together. Tejas says I will marry Jhanak. Urvashi says don’t punish my daughter. Bharat says shut up. Tejas says I will marry her in seven days, and no one can stop me.

Jhanak observes the crowd dancing, but upon remembering Arshi’s advice, she decides not to join in. Radha inquires about Tejas’ words, to which Urvashi responds that he has been staring at Jhanak. Arshi then suggests they all have dinner with Pankaj and Arya. She also urges Jhanak to eat while stopping Anirudh from talking to her. Anirudh tries to cheer up Jhanak and mentions his plans for the houseboat, but she informs him that she will have to leave for Kolkata tomorrow due to good news. Anirudh expresses disappointment as he will have to spend a day alone.

Urvashi approaches Brij and expresses her concern. He reassures her that she is still the same person he remembers. However, Urvashi becomes frustrated and reminds him of his responsibility towards Jhanak. She emphasizes that Jhanak needs his support. Brij defends himself by saying he is just a guest and suggests asking her family for assistance, to which Urvashi disagrees. She understands that money is essential but not everything; taking responsibility is also crucial. Urvashi threatens to reveal Jhanak’s identity if Brij doesn’t step up. This causes tension between them and draws others into the argument. They all criticize Urvashi and scold her. Jhanak becomes curious about her relationship with Guru ji and asks for an explanation. Urvashi requests a chance to speak and clarifies that she approached him for help with Jhanak’s situation.

Bharat inquires about your desires, while Tejas presents a proposal for Jhanak. In response, Jhanak asks for more information. Shrishti then questions the extent of assistance Guru Ji can offer Jhanak. However, Jhanak is reluctant to accept help, as she feels guilty when Urvashi has to plead on her behalf. She firmly declares her decision not to dance and instead focus on her studies and finding employment without seeking support from anyone else. Sensing their confusion, Anirudh urges Jhanak to specify what kind of aid she requires, and if it is within Guru Ji’s capabilities, he will assist her. Shrishti explains that only Guru Ji knows about Jhanak’s past experiences, whereas even Urvashi is unaware of the identity of Jhanak’s father. As a result, both Urvashi and Jhanak break down in tears.

Jhanak defends Urvashi, reminding the others that she is a human and should not be insulted. Shrishti retaliates by telling her to leave and live on the streets. Bharat agrees, stating that they do not care about her well-being. In response, Shrishti accuses Urvashi of being a cheat. But Jhanak interrupts, pointing out that Urvashi may have a reason for seeking their help. Urvashi emphasizes this point by warning them that while she may forgive them, God won’t. Despite the protests from Shrishti and Brij, Anirudh has stopped any further confrontations. Jhanak reminds everyone that actions have consequences, and one day, they will be held accountable for their behavior. With nothing more to be said, Urvashi and Jhanak leave the house.


Tejas kidnaps Jhanak after Urvashi passes away.

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