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The Episode begins with Shubh calling Anirudh downstairs. As he arrives, he immediately asks about the situation. Shubh then inquires about Chotan and Jhanak, prompting Anirudh to express concern. He defends himself by stating that it is not a wrongdoing to encounter someone while out and about. However, Shubh persists and demands to know where Jhanak went today, as she claimed to never leave without Anirudh’s consent. Anirudh catches sight of Chotan and fabricates a response. Despite this, Shubh continues pressing for the truth. Meanwhile, Jhanak takes her medication, and Anirudh reveals that Chotan was also present during the encounter.

Tanuja says we feel Chotan lied and took Jhanak, but we want to know where. Anirudh thinks she might have personal work; why would you like to find out about someone who wants to keep their life private? Shubh says Chotan’s publisher called and said he didn’t go to work; I saw you drop them. Tanuja says you must answer us. Bipasha thinks we can’t doubt you.

Lal says you took Jhanak and cannot reply now, so Anirudh asks what you mean. Anirudh says I was with Arshi. Call her. Bipasha asks where you met Jhanak. Anirudh says I met her on the way. Shubh asks where Chotan took her. Tanuja says she doesn’t tell us anything. Anirudh says it’s her choice, and we can’t force her.

He says sorry, we all contribute to the family. I have a right in this house. Jhanak falls on the bed. Bipasha says Jhanak is in her room. I’ll call her. Anirudh asks what’s the need. Shubh says it’s needed. When Bipasha sees Jhanak and asks her to get up, she tells her to ask Anirudh, not me. Bipasha scolds her and takes her. Anirudh warns Jhanak to be careful. Appu holds Jhanak. Shubh says she always does dramas, I will decide the right and wrong, and tell me where she went.

According to Anirudh, Jhanak had some personal matters to attend to. Bipasha emphasizes the importance of telling the truth if Jhanak wants to remain here. Anirudh questions why others are involving themselves in her personal life. Shubh disapproves of their support for Jhanak, stating that she has gone too far. Appu inquires about what happened, to which Jhanak responds that she wants to sleep. Chotan asks if she is feeling unwell, and she says she’s tired. Shubh remarks that this girl is driving him crazy. Appu defends Jhanak by pointing out that everyone always scolds her. Shubh reminds Appu of his earlier warning to stay quiet. Lastly, Bipasha accuses Jhanak of putting on an act as Anirudh watches on.

Tanuja accuses Chotan of betrayal, which he denies. Anirudh acknowledges that Jhanak is unwell and suggests she rest. Appu offers to assist her and points out the foam coming from her mouth, causing an uproar among the rest. Anirudh carries Jhanak while Chotan suggests calling a doctor. Shubh initially rejects the idea but eventually agrees with Anirudh. Chotan contacts the doctor, while Shubh asks Tanuja to care for her son. Bipasha inquires about Jhanak’s condition, but Lal states that only Anirudh can answer.

Her mother says she must leave. Anjana gets water. Anirudh asks how she became unwell suddenly. Tanuja and everyone arrive. He asks them not to blame Jhanak. He is concerned about her. He says she is not getting conscious, which is not a good sign. He tells Jhanak to wake up. When Chotan sees the sleeping pill, he asks what it is. The sleeping pill is unknown to him. Anirudh asks what. Chotan asks if she ate any pills. Anirudh asks what she ate. Bipasha says it is Dada Ji’s sleeping pills.

Shubh expresses a desire to incarcerate us. Lal states that she is aware of the potential consequences if anything were to happen to her despite having already taken an overdose. Anjana inquired about the number of pills consumed. Chotan volunteers to check the bottle. Appu worries about Jhanak’s survival. Anjana reassures everyone that Jhanak will be fine and suggests that she rest. Anirudh reprimands those present for subjecting Jhanak to such torment. Chotan returns and reveals that more than half the bottle is now empty. Shubh laments that had she chosen to end her life elsewhere, it would have reflected poorly on her reputation, but instead, she has brought turmoil to their household. Bipasha compliments Shubh’s cunning nature, believing Jhanak purposely served tea to their grandfather as part of her ruse.

Asked what happened at home when Jhanak took the sleeping pills, Arun asks if she was blamed and mistreated by you. They said yes, and they did this, blamed and insulted her; how much she could tolerate, she couldn’t tolerate, I know it, they do the same with me; I have someone to support me; Jhanak does not. Rather than saying this nonsense now, Bipasha wants to hear how her husband will react once he finds out.

Despite Lal’s advice, Bipasha says we shouldn’t go to court. Shubh asks what we should do. Anirudh says we should take her to the hospital. Shubh thinks you could get caught if anything happens to her while on the way. Anirudh lifts Jhanak and takes her. Anjana asks Appu to remain back. She leaves. Tanuja asks Appu to stay back. She goes. Shubh says she must go. Otherwise, we’ll end up in jail. Lal says no. Shubh says I’ll do something, so let this girl return, and I’ll see her.

During a call, Bipasha asks Arshi if you got the news. Arshi asks what the news is. Bipasha says Jhanak took sleeping pills. Arshi asks what. Anirudh and Chotan took Bipasha to the hospital. Anirudh said Jhanak went for some personal work, and Chotan and Anirudh took her elsewhere. Anirudh was with me, Arshi said; enough for now.

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