Jhanak 13th December 2023 Written Episode: Anirudh’s Bold Decision Ignites Family Tensions!

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At the beginning of the episode, Shrishti is seen shouting at Anirudh and Jhanak, causing Jhanak to break down in tears. Shrishti then proceeds to scold Jhanak and even shoves her, leading Appu to come to Jhanak’s aid. Anirudh tries to reassure everyone that there must have been a valid reason for bringing Jhanak here, but Arshi is upset that he made such a big decision without consulting her. He explained that he hadn’t had the right opportunity to discuss it with her earlier. Appu expresses admiration for Jhanak and suggests becoming friends with her, but Tanuja reacts angrily and reprimands Appu.

He tells her to calm down. She asks him to shut up. Appu says she won’t go anywhere. She cries. Shrishti says someone needs to keep her quiet, or else she will get taken away. Vinayak asks Jhanak to tell the truth about what’s going on here. Anirudh says she can’t speak. Arshi asks why. If she can come here, then let her give a justification. Shrishti tells Arshi she is like her mother: I warned you about her.

Appu advises against paying attention to others’ words. Bipasha also reprimands Jhanak. Anirudh attempts to calm everyone down, reminding them not to blame Jhanak before hearing him out. His father suggests that Jhanak stay later on. Tanuja agrees with Anirudh, mentioning that he should have consulted Arshi beforehand. Shrishti proposes sending Jhanak away as a solution to the issue. However, Anirudh firmly disagrees. Arshi begins arguing, but he defends his actions, claiming that he acted out of compassion. Tanuja argues that he does not know this girl personally. But he believes it is unnecessary to know someone to help them. Vinayak interjects and urges everyone to listen to Anirudh’s side first. He asks for an explanation of what happened between them, prompting Dada to request a detailed account from him as well.

According to Dadi, Jhanak should sit down so that we can discuss the matter at hand. However, Anirudh’s father disagrees and insists that she cannot enter the house until everything is resolved. Jhanak and Anirudh exchange glances. Tanuja disapproves of Jhanak staying here and turns to Shrishti for advice. In response, Shrishti reveals that Urvashi was not her sister but her cousin, and she cut ties with her after learning about her actions. Bharat gave Urvashi a job out of sympathy, which Shrishti disapproves of. Arshi then questions why Shrishti married Tejas when she could have married someone more successful like Anirudh instead of seeking his help.

Bipasha asks Anirudh to tell them now. Anirudh tells them everything. Shrishti asks why you got involved. Vinayak says let him finish. He says I helped her, her friends called me, and he would have killed her if I hadn’t saved her. Arshi asks why you care about her. Anirudh says maybe you didn’t hear it, they would have killed her, I know you are upset with me, I didn’t want to bring her here, I left her midway. Shrishti says she still came to you and insults Jhanak.

Dada calmly interjects and asks Anirudh to continue. Curious, she inquires about the remaining details. Anirudh explains that he had a valid reason for his actions. Arshi insists on stopping the conversation. Anirudh justifies himself by saying he had no choice, as Tejas was planning to harm Jhanak. Shrishti asked if there were any other alternatives. He clarifies that he had initially left her in Jammu but couldn’t find a shelter home for her there. Feeling guilty, he accompanied her on the train and eventually got off at another station to ensure her safety. Shrishti expressed her frustration towards Jhanak’s behavior.

The girl cries and says she doesn’t want to come here. Anirudh’s parents scold her. Anirudh says she didn’t want to come here, but I forced her. Arshi says you should have contacted me. Shrishti says stop it now. We have no relationship with Urvashi. She used to work for us, so I won’t take Jhanak’s responsibility. She’ll go home. Anirudh says you haven’t got her here by trusting me.

He says he trusts my family, she’ll stay here, Arshi will come here after marriage, we’ll be there to support her. Arshi asks what, are you serious, she can’t stay here. He says you’re angry; I can understand. Appu says let her in, she’s lovely, crying, I’ll stay with her. A father asks her to leave. Chotan asks why she isn’t saying anything. A father tells him to stop.

According to Anirudh, Jhanak didn’t want to come with us. I convinced her she could have more independence here and eventually leave when ready. Bipasha believes he should have used his common sense. Arshi informs that Bharat and his family are facing a threat from Tejas. Shrishti is determined to protect her family by sending Jhanak away. However, Anirudh assures her that Jhanak is now under his care and doesn’t burden anyone. Appu admires Anirudh’s bravery in making this decision.

Arshi explains that Jhanak influences your behavior towards my mother. He confirms that you believe everything will improve once Jhanak is gone. Please understand and assist her in learning dance, as she can then finish her studies and pursue a career. Once she becomes self-sufficient, she will leave, I assure you. Bipasha inquires if Arshi will be teaching dance to Jhanak. Arshi responds with a firm no, as it is his decision alone. He urges you to realize this once your anger subsides and not disappoint him. He then asks Dadi to make arrangements for Jhanak’s stay. Poor Jhanak cannot hold back her tears in this situation.


Appu takes Jhanak to Anirudh’s room and asks her to knock before entering. Tanuja warns Jhanak.

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