Mehndi Wala Ghar 26th January 2024 Written Episode: Manoj Seeks Forgiveness, Family Reunion Efforts

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 26th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Manoj expressing his father’s continued resentment towards him. Bade Papa inquires about Nanhe’s missing slipper and urges him to wear his own instead. This angers Nanhe, and he admits to throwing away his slippers. Just as Ajanta predicted, his family is not ready to forgive him. Mauli takes it upon herself to find Nanhe, and while searching, she mistakes Bade Papa for Narayan Dadu. She stops him and explains that although families have the right to punish their loved ones, they are also responsible for giving them a chance. Bade Papa asks if she is Manoj’s daughter-in-law, to which she confirms and adds that she can sense his longing for Manoj’s forgiveness. She then persuades him to put on the slippers to symbolize his acceptance. Tearfully, she watches as Bade Papa walks away wearing them.

Your crime wasn’t committed, Ajanta says. You left the house, everyone was together, you stayed alone, they didn’t think of you, we shouldn’t have come here. He says you are right; you shouldn’t have come back. He recalls wearing the slippers when Mauli said this. Manoj greets Bade Papa and asks for forgiveness. Bade Papa says you’ve taken 24 years to say this, it’s too late, go back.

He gets Akshay’s call and says fine, I will come. He says no, please don’t go, dad also left, let me come home once, I want to meet everyone. Bade Papa says the family is like glass. It breaks and shatters by one mistake. Then Manoj asks what he meant. Bade Papa says after you left, the entire family shattered, Ajay and Vijay also broke ties and left the house, only Akshay had to bear the burden, his life slowed down. Janki was proud of you all.

Ultimately, Bade Papa says, “You have all made Janki’s life miserable, and there is no point in apologizing. Will your brothers come back, this broken family will not be reunited.” He leaves. Ajanta holds Manoj. Janki talks to her Bahu. She says I must meet the pandit. Manoj locks the door and tears. Mauli and Ajanta ask him to come out. He says everyone left because of me. Janki fell alone, which is my fault.

Ajanta urges you to stop blaming yourself. Your brothers were selfish and had their reasons for leaving. They lacked the courage to pave their path and were waiting for someone else. Manoj opens the door and interrupts, saying that it’s enough. He believes that this is a common situation in joint families. However, he questions how Ajay and Vijay could have left because of him, even though he is unaware of what happened. Mauli suggests finding the truth by contacting them through Janki, who has their numbers. She advises Manoj to apologize and convince them to make amends since they are here now and won’t leave without fixing everything. As Janki does a puja for her missing sons, she reminisces about their childhood. Meanwhile, Mauli insists that Manoj reach out to Ajay directly—the memories of Ajay and Vijay’s words flood Manoj’s mind.

He declines. She suggests talking to Akshay, the one who sent the invitation. Manoj responds, “We used to mock him, calling him worthless, yet today, he manages the household, and I lack the courage to face him.” Tears well up in his eyes. Ajanta offers comfort. Meanwhile, Janki engages in prayer. Mauli heads towards the ghat, but her auto breaks down. Upon seeing Janki, she inquires about the puja’s purpose. Janki explains it’s for the children. “Wow,” Mauli remarks in response.

Mauli says you completed your Parikrama. Janki says there is no need. They hold the diya. Mauli says that no mother would want her children’s puja to be incomplete. Mauli smiles as she heads home. Janki performs the puja. Mauli rings the bell. Bade Papa arrives at the door and sees her.


Janki scolds Ajay, Vijay, and Manoj when they come home.

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