Jhanak 12th December 2023 Written Episode: Anirudh Brings Jhanak Home, Shocking Everyone!

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As the episode begins, Anirudh’s family is filled with worry. Shortly after, Arshi and her family make their arrival. Curiously, Arshi asks if Anirudh has made an appearance yet. His father reassures them that he will be arriving soon. Shrishti chimes in, expressing a desire to know what’s going on. In response, his father admits they are clueless and suggests waiting for Anirudh to arrive before jumping to conclusions. Feeling uneasy about Anirudh’s actions, Arshi voices her concern that he doesn’t seem to care for her. His father promises that he won’t go anywhere without her once they are married. Sensing the tension in the room, Dadi assures everyone that they will soon have all the answers they seek. Dada then suggests that Arshi reach out to Anirudh herself and ask him where he is. However, she refuses, stating that he hasn’t contacted her so that she won’t do it either. Appu interjects and asks if Anirudh has arrived or when he is expected to arrive.

Chotan takes Appu aside and asks Anirudh about her gift. Appu says I won’t go until Anirudh comes. She insists. Lal says she doesn’t listen to anyone. Bipasha says don’t give her attention, and she will dance on our heads. She asks Arshi to call Anirudh once. Arshi says he doesn’t want to call. Dada and Dadi tell her to call him. Anirudh says we’ll eat lunch together.

He reaches out to Anirudh and asks where he is. She asks him what’s wrong. He makes an excuse. Shrishti says to ask him to stop making excuses. Vinayak says to stop it. Arshi asks if you have any news about Jhanak. He says we will meet and talk. She believes it means something is wrong. He says no, understand me. She argues.

Having something important to discuss, he says we will meet and talk. She says I’m at your home. He says great, I know you won’t misunderstand me. She asks him to come. Shrishti asks him what he said. Arshi asks. You didn’t hear it? She says vent your anger on him, not me. Lal says we will wait for Anirudh to answer us.

Shrishti and Anirudh’s parents engage in a heated debate. Shrishti doubts Anirudh’s involvement with Jhanak, questioning why he missed the train, what he did in Kashmir, and why he was out of contact. Anirudh’s mother defends her son’s innocence but acknowledges the possibility of Jhanak manipulating him. Chotan believes that helping someone is not wrong if done with good intentions, to which Shrishti points out the distinction between allowing a random girl and Jhanak specifically. As Anirudh and Jhanak arrive at their home, they capture the attention of onlookers who compare her beauty to Arshi’s. Amid this, Anirudh’s father reprimands Chotan for his stance.

Dada says let Anirudh come. They all argue. Appu also comments. Anirudh’s dad scolds her. Anirudh gets Jhanak home. Everyone smiles, seeing Anirudh. Appu asks where my gift is. Didn’t you get it? Jhanak walks in. Everyone is shocked to see Anirudh getting Jhanak. Appu remembers his words as he watches Jhanak and says wow, this is my gift. Come with me, and I will show you my doll to you.

Anirudh’s father shouts and stops Appu. He asks Anirudh who this girl is and if she is Jhanak. Arshi says I don’t want to stay here, let’s go home. Shrishti asks why, I told you, you didn’t listen to me. Your dad got Jhanak home. He recalls his marriage, and he asks Anirudh what right to bring her home.


Shrishti scolds Jhanak. Anirudh asks who sent her back. He asks Dadi to arrange for Jhanak’s stay. Jhanak leaves with Appu. Arshi weeps.

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