Agnisakshi 23rd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Utkarsh Returns, Jeevika Confronts Strange Incidents


Agnisakshi 23rd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Jeevika peering into the room before being approached by Sundari. She asks Jeevika why she is there, mentioning that Sahib is searching for her. Jeevika inquires about Sundari’s identity, to which Sundari replies that she is the caretaker. Curiously, Jeevika asks about the room’s inhabitants, pointing out the presence of food and a mat. Sundari explains that a kind person allows a dog to stay in the room during rainy days. As she enters, Jeevika notices Satvik admiring paintings created by Utkarsh. He reveals that he used to visit this place frequently, but since Utkarsh’s departure, it has been empty.

He says I have run away so much from those memories, but no longer. Jeevika thinks we can go somewhere else as well. Satvik asks if you accept that you regard me as closer. Jeevika says she is proud of her close relationship with him. Rajnandini asks Sundari how she could make such a mistake. Sundari says she cannot take him until they arrive here. Rajnandini thinks you won’t be seen anywhere if Satvik or Jeevika see him.

Having tea in the college canteen, Shlok asks Swara what you are doing. He says time passes with you until she comes. Swara asks whether you talk to that girl only or other girls. Shlok says there is one more. I couldn’t tell her that she was my life’s biggest problem, and she always fought with me. She puts tea on his hand, asks him to wait for that girl, and goes. Shlok thinks he made her jealous by telling him to wait for her.

During her conversation with Narayan, Rajnandini says she wants to lead Mehra’s next campaign. Narayan says he has no problem with that and asks her to speak to Satvik, saying he wants Satvik to decide on his behalf. He says he has complete faith in Satvik and no doubt in him. It’s time to rest now that you have done so much work. Rajnandini says ok and thinks you’re right. She feels that now is the time to get compensation, to snab. She wants to make Satvik hateful.

Satvik later plays guitar in the garden area, and Jeevika comes out upon hearing his singing. She smiles, and they dance together. Admiring the moment, Jeevika comments on its beauty. Satvik then gestures for her to sit in a nearby chair while he sits on the ground. As he holds her hand, he reflects on their past and confesses that when they were going through their divorce, it felt like their relationship and his ties with the world were ending. He shares that he would have broken down if he hadn’t promised himself to win her back. In a twist of fate, God must have been moved by his unwavering love and brought them back together as husband and wife within hours. Playfully, Satvik adds that if they were to get married every six months by Guru Ji’s hand, she would be his first, second, third…and twenty-fifth wife, but he would always be her first husband.

Jeevika recalls Sukanya’s words as Satvik speaks. He expresses his willingness to wait until she reciprocates. Jeevika knows she must reveal her truth before progressing in their relationship. As Utkarsh regains consciousness and rises, he stumbles and falls back down. However, he quickly gets up and exits the room where he had been held captive for years. He cautiously peers into the farmhouse before entering. Approaching the dining table, he finds roti and sabzi, which he combines into a roll and begins eating. Just then, Jeevika arrives with water in a jug and pours herself a glass. Surprised by her presence, Utkarsh drops his food and hurries away.

Jeevika noticed a man with long hair running out and informed Satvik. Sundari overheard and was surprised. She suggested that Jeevika rest, but Jeevika felt that someone else was present. Sundari tried to reassure her, saying no one else was there, and urged her to rest. Satvik advised them to sleep while he checked the doors and windows. Sundari offered to take on the task, but Satvik insisted she rest instead. He examined the footprints outside and concluded that it was likely just a thief who had entered their home. Meanwhile, Utkarsh observed him from afar but could not recognize him.

As soon as Utkarsh opens his door, he finds a holy thread. He picks it up. Jeevika and Satvik leave. Jeevika asks why they are leaving suddenly. Satvik says he has a meeting, so that is why they are going. Satvik and Jeevika leave in the car, and Utkarsh looks at them, saying if you like the place, we will return. Utkarsh is seen decked in the car, looking at the holy chain.


When Utkarsh comes in front of Jeevika’s car, she hits him. After he recovers, Jeevika takes him to the hospital and asks the doctor to take him to his house. Satvik drops the garland on Utkarsh’s photo when he sees him alive. Everyone is surprised to see him. Satvik gets emotional. Rajnandini gets shocked.

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