Kavya 21st February 2024 Written Episode: Adi’s Love Confession, Kavya’s Troubles Deepen


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In the episode, Alka asks whether they will arrest Kavya. Adi asks, if she is a murderer, why would she have kept the knife in her car? Someone is framing her by fabricating fake evidence. Omi sees Anurag and Giriraj. Adi asks who can be so disgusting and mean. Anurag smiles. Giriraj responds, who is that guy? Police believe what they see as truth, and they believe Kavya is a murderer, so they will come to arrest her.

Giriraj says no, I won’t let her go to jail. He asks Adi to take Kavya to the room. He asks the man to remember; their name shouldn’t come up. The man says don’t worry. Giriraj asks what happened to Asha. The man says she’s fine. Giriraj says keep her there; Kavya’s getting arrested.

Adi embraces Kavya and provides comfort. Omi and Alka arrive. Kavya inquires about the reason for their visit. Omi explains that they had accompanied each other to a particular place. Adi and Kavya asked for clarification on the location. Omi clarified that it was a fertility clinic they had visited to inquire about IVF procedures. Alka adds that their tests were completed and are now waiting for the doctor’s report. This leads Kavya to realize that they have decided to start a family. Omi confirms this to be accurate and shares how the doctor advised him not to stress or feel ashamed, as many couples go through similar procedures to have a child. Delighted by the news, Kavya embraces Alka while Omi also expresses his happiness by hugging Adi.

It’s nice to hear this good news from you, Kavya says. Omi says I should thank you. I have always done wrong with you, and you always thought about me, so forgive me. She says promise me, you’ll never look back; everything is forgiven. Omi asks is everything forgiven? He recalls Navya. Kavya and Alka leave. Kavya thinks a lot about everyone, who will care about her happiness, and should I tell you the date? The man says to watch her until Kavya goes to jail.

In response to Kavya’s question, Omi says Adi called her to the garden. Kavya thanks him and leaves. She sees the happy Valentine’s decorations. Adi confesses love to her. The balloon bursts. They laugh. Omi gets another balloon for Adi. He tells him not to burst the balloon. Omi goes.

Adi asks Kavya if she will be his Valentine. She reassures him that she will always be there for him but jokes that he may have to visit her in jail tomorrow. Her comment upsets Adi, and she apologizes, but he continues to sulk. Kavya throws chips at him to cheer him up, and he responds with poetry and a hug. Adi can’t help but think about the secret he’s been keeping from Kavya, wondering if it will create a rift between them.

Similarly, Kavya thinks about their future together and wonders if this could be their last moment of happiness. As they embrace, she asks if he will wait for her. He jokingly says no and suggests extreme measures like remarrying or homicide to end up in jail with her. However, they both hope Adi’s father will find a way to save Kavya from legal trouble.

She informs me that someone is trying to undermine my job, authority, and professional growth. However, she assured me this would not come to pass as she planned to speak to our father about it. She wraps her arms around me in a comforting gesture. She also relays that the man mentioned it was his daughter’s birthday today. He extends an invitation to Asha for food. Without hesitation, Asha requests him to bring her insulin to manage her diabetes. Kavya suggests paying a visit to see the man’s daughter. Adi reassures Asha that he will go above and beyond for her sake. Rajeev becomes emotional while talking to Anjali about Kavya’s situation. Anjali offers encouraging words, reminding him to remain strong as things will improve tomorrow. He lies down to rest.

They see Asha’s husband deliver the cake at Asha’s house. Adi stops Asha’s husband. The man says Asha planned all this before, and I did not cancel it to keep the girl’s heart. Get out, and I am going to call the police. She says sorry, we came to wish her. She asked what had happened, and I wanted to eat the cake. Who was she? Kavya says Happy birthday, take this. Thank you. I’m keeping this doll in my dollhouse.


They go to see Asha. They catch the goon. Adi asks where Asha is.

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