Kavya 28th March 2024: Kavya’s Desperate Attempt to Prevent Disaster at Adi’s Political Rally


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The Episode begins with Badi Amma urging Anurag to trust her promise of making him the king. After she leaves, he expresses his lack of time and quickly calls someone, instructing them to depart for Bhamalpur. Santu remembers Badi Amma’s words the following day while Kavya prompts him to share what she said. He replies by recalling how she mentioned Adi being saved once again. Kavya then comments that everyone already knows about Adi’s attack and survival before offering almonds to Santu. Meanwhile, Adi is seen speaking to his PA as a girl in their vicinity becomes frightened and starts crying due to his harsh words. However, he manages to bring a smile to her face while asking her to prepare for their departure.

Kavya checks on Naina’s well-being, to which she responds with nerves because it is her first week. Kavya wishes her all the best. She then approaches Adi and suggests twinning outfits, leading to an argument. Despite losing respect, job, and love, Kavya is determined to regain everything. Adi opts for black clothing instead of green when Kavya asks for his opinion. They arrive at the venue separately in different cars. Once there, Adi joins Kavya’s car, and they both reach the venue, where Anurag greets them with a smile. Giriraj informs Amma of Adi’s popularity among the people. Eventually, Adi and Kavya are welcomed by the people with garlands at the event venue.

Naina has informed us that the room is ready for you to rest. She accidentally drops a file and apologizes, but Adi reassures her that it’s okay. Kavya suggests going for a campaign, while Adi seeks blessings from Badi Amma and hugs Giriraj and Anurag. Anurag thinks that Adi may not survive. The men proceed to move the chair, which unfortunately falls. Kavya quickly assures them that it’s nothing to worry about. One of the men explains that it’s a unique chair for Adi. As Kavya reaches for her phone, she notices wires under the chair and quickly leaves the room. On seeing this, Anurag scolds the man responsible for setting up the chair. Meanwhile, Kavya seeks help from an inspector regarding Omi’s case.

It’s Giriraj who praises Adi for his political skills. He speaks with Badi Amma. Anurag talks with the man. The man says there will be a bomb on the stage. Kavya sees the inspector’s picture and asks if it’s yours. He says yes, he was in the bomb squad. She asks about the wires. He says it was a dangerous bomb. She gets Santu’s call. He says he remembers what Amma ji said. He reveals. She gets shocked. She recalls the wires. She says she wants bomb squad, there is a bomb at the rally.

The inspector informs us that there are no orders. She assures you of my trustworthiness and urges you to accompany me. As they depart, she contacts Adi. Adi heads towards the stage as instructed. Kavya inquires if he can manage the situation. The inspector confirms this, and Kavya prays for his safety. Adi distributes blankets to the people while receiving a call from Kavya. She warns him of a bomb threat at the venue and advises him to leave immediately. However, he dismisses her claims and insists on trusting his team. Anurag convinces Badi Amma to come with him, declaring that his task is complete and chaos will soon ensue. Finally, Adi greets everyone present at the event.


Badi Amma confronts Kavya. Badi Amma asks what will you do? Adi goes to some event. A blast occurs.

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