Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th November 2023 Written Episode: Abhira Faces Yuvraj’s Harassment, Anurag’s Tragic Demise

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The episode begins with Ruhi wondering about the sudden arrival of an alliance. Surekha excitedly reveals that the Poddars have sent a proposal for Rohit, who is cute and has all the qualities she could ask for. Despite this, Ruhi expresses her love for someone else whom she met at the Mussoorie resort. Surekha questions her decision as it was made in two short two days. However, Ruhi clarifies her feelings for this particular person are genuine and deep-rooted. She believes he is her soulmate and no one can replace him in her heart. When Manish inquires about the guy’s background, Ruhi asks for some time as it’s still too early to discuss these details.

Manish assures, “Don’t worry, we won’t go against your wish.” She smiles and embraces him, complimenting him. “You are fantastic.” Meanwhile, Armaan sends an audio message to Ruhi about their upcoming first date. He reveals his plans to propose on the same day, acknowledging that it may seem soon, but they should not waste time. Upon hearing this, Surekha expresses her concerns about Ruhi’s love. However, Manish stands up for Ruhi and questions Suwarna if she is aware of this. Despite Suwarna’s fears and past experiences with intense love in the family (referring to Akshara and Abhi), Manish remains saddened by it all.

There is a fate for every love. Suwarna says many relationships have broken down, so she feels scared. Surekha says Ruhi is like Aarohi, and her fate shouldn’t be like her mother’s. They nod. He listens to Armaan’s voice message and replies. They smile and chat. Vidya arrives. He drops the phone because he feels scared.

She inquires about their conversation, and he responds that he is working on a case. She then mentions that Maasa has something to share with everyone, but she wants to tell him first. It pertains to marriage. He quickly clarifies that he is not interested in getting married. She reassures him by revealing that it’s actually about Rohit’s marriage. He sighs of relief, assuming it is about his own marriage since he is the elder son. She apologizes for the confusion, and he expresses his lack of concern regarding Rohit marrying first. He asks if they have found a girl for him, and she confirms this, saying she is the best choice. She offers to show him her picture, and he agrees. However, their conversation is interrupted by Dadi calling Vidya’s name. She promises to show him later as he receives a message from Ruhi.

Abhira suggests a couple’s name, but the pair is not pleased with it. She takes their photos and later hears someone crying. Yuvraj grabs her hand, which surprises her. Meanwhile, Akshara discusses the situation with Kipling while Yuvraj confesses his love for Abhira. However, she clarifies that his feelings are not reciprocated and considers his actions harassment. He then clings to her feet while Smita and Anurag watch on. Akshara expresses her concerns over her daughter’s safety, while Kipling advises her not to worry too much since she is an adult. The couple urges Yuvraj to leave Abhira alone, but he refuses and becomes angry when Anurag holds Abhira’s hand. He falls, and Anurag asks if he is alright.

There are Akshara and Kipling. She asks if he has been here again. The driver asks Yuvraj to come. He says to Yuvraj, “Get up. You’re too drunk.” He takes Yuvraj. Anurag stares at Yuvraj. Akshara says we have to act now. Abhira says we must stop him, or he’ll do anything worse. Yuvraj knocks Anurag down by his car. Everyone is shocked by this.

Smita rushes to Anurag, tears streaming down her face. Yuvraj halts the car and glimpses Abhira in the rearview mirror. Abhira chases after the vehicle as the driver anxiously urges Yuvraj to drive away, fearing Abhira’s approach. Yuvraj accelerates the car and leaves the scene. Akshara desperately calls out to Abhira as they hurry Anurag to the hospital. The doctor expresses regret, informing them that despite their efforts, they couldn’t save him.

It was Anurag who was helping you, and Yuvraj killed him. Akshara leaves angry. She goes to Yuvraj’s house. She asks him to come out. She argues with Jagrat. She says your son killed an innocent guy. She asks him to surrender. He claims he has gone out, so how could he kill someone? She asks the inspector to search the house. He says he is an MLA, saying his son did nothing. She asks him to do the duty well. Jagrat asks him to comb the house.

Akshara informs that Yuvraj is not currently present at home. He reminds her of his 30-year-long political career and predicts that even Yuvraj’s slippers would be hard to find. Meanwhile, Akshara approaches Abhira with news of Jagrat’s hiding place for Yuvraj. She notices Smita crying for Anurag and remembers her struggles with Abhinav’s death, as well as Neil, Aarohi, and Abhir. Akshara reassures herself that she cannot afford to lose Abhira and comforts her by embracing her tightly. In the meantime, Vidya prepares the lep and instructs Manisha to take it to the children. Manisha then directs Aryan to apply the lep before bathing and calls for Dadi, causing everyone to rush over.

Armaan and Rohit come to the puja. Dadi says this Akhand jyot will light all day and night. Vidya didn’t let it blow off, but Manisha did. The fan had been on, so Manisha said she was sorry. Vidya gives everyone the plates, and they chant and beat the plates. Armaan smiles and imagines Ruhi. Nazar na lag jaye…plays…


Yuvraj says I was released from jail, but Abhira says I will be jailed, too. Ruhi waits for Armaan. Abhira runs into Armaan. They see each other.

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