Dabangii 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Anger and Arya’s Determination

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The Episode begins with Ankush thinking Satya will not know his child is alive so that I will write his fate this time. Satya remembers Ankush’s words. He comes home and gets angry. Kasturi thinks he didn’t get his child, so why go to Sholapur? I will act. Arya prays. She remembers the old fight moments.

Kasturi says I kept puja plate ready for your son, he will be called my son too. She recalls Damini’s words. She says I’ll talk to Dad, but how will I get a phone? She sees the watchman talking on the phone. She thinks of a way to get outside. Aai asks Satya what he wants to say. Satya says your grandson won’t come now. He fell into the well and died. Kasturi smiles. Aai is shocked.

It is Damini and Ankush who have kept my son away from me, if I hadn’t gone to jail, then my son would have been here with me, he was born in poverty, he was raised in helplessness and he died in bad fate, but these people didn’t let it happen. Aai weeps.

Satya says I won’t leave them, Ankush, I’ll see you. He goes. Arya hides and steals the phone. She joins the girls. Baba asks where Arya is. Ankush says I know you are angry, but I had no other choice since Satya is here, and I couldn’t get Arya here, so I got her admitted to a good boarding school since you know this place isn’t safe.

We can tell Bela the truth, Baba says. Ankush says Bela keeps talking to Aai, Maina and Kasturi, if Arya’s matter is revealed, everything will get spoiled, Arya is fine. Baba says Arya lost her mother, and she doesn’t know her dad, so you left her alone. Ankush says try to understand, kids forget things easily, they face problems and find a way, trust me, she’s fine.

After trying different numbers, Arya says it’s the wrong number. She tries other numbers. Ankush says it’s a good school, that she will make new friends and meet new people, and that she will forget things easily.

Arya sees the phone battery is low. She prays. Ankush gets ready. Bela says don’t fight with Satya. Separate your way and let him do what he wants. Zai sits sad. Bela asks him to do something, and Zai is annoyed. Ankush says we should do something to cheer her up. They plan a scheme. They all act and make Zai laugh. Satya looks on in anger.

Ankush hugs them. Kasturi says small people and their small happiness, don’t cry. Satya says Ankush has given me much sorrow. How shall I tolerate his happiness? He is happy with his daughter, and I am mourning for my son. I cannot forget and forgive anyone. I will snatch his happiness from him. The glass is thrown, and Tanmay is injured. Satya says your son is alive. He says your son. She says our son.

She says yes, I will do something. I will go and get my phone. She says I will make everything fine. Tanmay says he stays upset, so do something to make him happy. Arya says I won’t lose easily. I’ll try for the last time. Bappa will help me. Arya thinks she is without her family. Will she be fine? Ankush gets a call. He wonders who called on Damini’s phone. He answers. Arya cries. He says Baba… She is upset.


Satya is coming here, so everyone is busy. Ankush worries and rushes to the school. Tanmay and Arya fight.

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