Kavya 19th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Adi Saves the Day, Kavya Supports Him


Kavya 19th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During the episode, Rajeev says, “I won’t come, Mayank. I won’t leave my sincerity.” He cries. Anjali calls Sujoy. She says to call the caterers and ask them not to come; the inauguration won’t happen. Kavya cries. Mayank leaves angrily. Anurag and Badi Amma joke on Kavya and laugh.

Rajeev and Kavya sing Hum honge kamyaab…. Mayank talks to Sujoy. The caterers come back. A man tells him he received another call for the inauguration. Mayank asks who called him, and Adi says he did it. Mayank and everyone are shocked. Adi says I have made the payment, Mayank. Your store will open today.

Kavya says you know Brij gave money to Mayank. Adi says Bunty is clever. If he can fool me, then he can fool Mayank as well. Badi Amma and Anurag are shocked. Adi hugs Mayank, and Kavya smiles. Main vaari jaavaan…. Plays… Adi and Kavya decorate the store. Mayank asks if mommy came.

Badi Amma says their relationship is strong. Anurag says it will break. He calls the goons, and they send them. Kavya and everyone see the store and smile.

The goons come and say stop this store. Brij’s black money opens it. Adi says it’s wrong, and we’ve returned his money. The goons damage the goons. Kavya makes a police call. Anurag tells the goons to finish their work and leave, so they leave. A goon burns the store.

There is no drinking water here, so how will you get water to extinguish the fire? Kavya, Mayank, Adi and Rajeev are stunned. They ask the people for water. They complain. Adi says some people are trapped inside, I have to go. He barges into the store to save them. He gets them out. He coughs.

Rajeev stops Mayank. The police arrive. Everyone is sad. Kavya gives Adi some water. They think about the water problem in that area. They go to the office and ask the man to send a water tanker. Kavya makes the video. The man asks for bribes. Adi scolds him and asks him to sign the application. He apologizes and signs it.

During the meeting, Adi tells the people that water will come here daily and promises to keep his word. Kavya makes a video praising Adi. According to her, Adi doesn’t want any funding, so you can contribute the funds if you want him to be your leader. Everyone chants Adi’s name. Badi Amma and Anurag are shocked.

In the morning, Giriraj asks Adi why he said he wouldn’t take Dad’s money. Naina comes and tells him Kavya uploaded the video, it went viral, and we received 12 lakhs in 12 hours. Adi asks what, and he hugs Naina. Kavya smiles. Giriraj says great.

Naina says we know who deserves credit. Adi smiles at Kavya. Giriraj says you’ll win the elections. Kavya says Mom thanked you.

He says I made the video because you deserve it, I know you and your family aren’t corrupt. She smiles. Badi Amma thinks Adi won’t win.


When reporters ask Kavya who she will support, she says I will support the truth.

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