Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Sahiba Stands Up for Keerat


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She wants to inform her family about Keerat but has left her phone at home. Garry offers his cell phone. Keerat wakes up and cries, hugging Sahiba. Sahiba asks what happened. She describes how Veer tried to molest her in a hotel room, but she managed to escape. Veer recalls the incident last night. His friends ask him how his night with his girlfriend went. He lies and thinks he will get revenge on Keerat for rejecting him.

Angry, Garry tells Sahiba he will drag Veer here. Sahiba says she also wants to confront Veer. Keerat thinks it won’t affect Veer and reveals that Veer slapped her on the engagement. Even though she already applied Veer’s name, mehendi, and will marry him in a few hours, Keerat asks her to let it go. Gurleen prepares Veer as the groom. Keerat receives a message from Veer that he is ready to forgive her for what she did last night. Let’s meet at the Gurudwara and start a new life together.

Angad walks up to Gurleen and asks if she has seen Sahiba. Gurleen asks why he wants to meet Sahiba before marriage. Angad says she has been missing for a long time. Gurleen says she must have come directly to the gurudwara. Veer grins, thinking of punishment for Keerat.

Sahiba calls Santosh from Garry’s number. Santosh says Keerat is missing, but her wedding dress is still home. Santosh and Ajith worry more about Keerat when she doesn’t answer their calls. They get more tense as Sahiba says Keerat is with her and asks them to reach Brar Mansion soon. Santosh’s multiple calls and Veer’s message make Keerat more anxious.

Sahiba asks her to read it. Keerat reads Veer’s message. Garry says Veer is still showing so much attitude. At Brar’s mansion, Inder asks Manveer to smile for Veer’s sake and to enjoy Veer’s wedding. Jasleen asks Angad if he found Sahiba. Angad says no. As Jasleen gets a message asking about Sahiba, Santosh becomes more tense.

Sahiba calls him from Keerat’s phone. Angad asks where she is, and they are late reaching the gurudwara. Sahiba says it’s already late and will be there soon. Veer and Sahiba’s wedding won’t be possible. She wants to tell him something important. Angad cannot hear her. Garry offers his phone. Sahiba says it’s inappropriate to call from his mobile. Keerat thinks she shouldn’t have gone to a hotel at all. Brars wait for Sahiba.

Gurleen and Prabjot bring Veer down. Hansraj drags him for a dance. Angad says it is the most important day of his life. Veer also says he is happy. Santosh and Ajith reach Brar mansion in auto and say they don’t feel well and don’t know where Angad and Sahiba are.

Bebe tells Veer that his bhabhi has to perform his soorma ritual and asks Veer to call Sahiba. Angad says she must be on her way. Veer thinks we should cancel the ritual itself. Manveer spills venom at Sahiba again. Sahiba should have been here to perform the ritual. Bebe says Sahiba should have been there. Sahiba’s words recur.


Keerat and Garry arrive at the Brar mansion. Keerat’s family asks what happened to Keerat. Sahiba refuses to let Veer marry Keerat if they know what Veer did to Keerat last night.

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