Mehndi Wala Ghar 7th March 2024: Family Rift Deepens Over Property Rights

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 7th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Manisha and Akshay are upset about their brothers staying. Manoj says Janki will forgive me. Mauli agrees. Vijay says Tanvi and I will leave first. Ajay says I have to go. Swara’s brother is alone there. Janki says you won’t know anything now, Manoj. Nanhe says let them go. She gives everyone the halwa.

All apologize. Janki blesses everyone to be happy. Akshay comes. Ajay asks him to call if he needs anything. Vijay gives Mini a card and asks her to use it. Golu takes the card. Akshay asks Manoj to show his greatness to the family. Manoj asks what he is saying. Akshay says you came for Mini’s marriage, so just go away. Why this drama?

Ajay asks what are you saying? Akshay says my daughter’s marriage broke, I have the problem, did you stand by me in the past 24 years, you want to become great now. Hari stops him. Akshay says they’ll leave in 2 days, and I’ll have to deal with the bitterness. Ajay says you’ve handled this house well, and we’d like to support you. Vijay says yes, do I need to write it on stamp paper?

Akshay handled the house and store. Everyone is shocked. Nanhe shouts. Manisha says stop, and he isn’t saying anything wrong. If you want to support me now, show it, write it on stamp paper, and give me an NOC. You won’t have any right to the house and store it.

Vijay says he has no problem, too. Call your lawyer, and we’ll give our share to you and go. Mauli says, but we won’t give anyone our share. Everyone is shocked.

We won’t leave Manoj’s share in this house, and we’ll stay in it. Everyone stares at her. Ajanta says Mauli…. He says yes, she’s right, I won’t give my share to Akshay. Akshay claps and says now your true face has come out, and I knew you’d bite us. Manisha scolds Manoj. He says he is asking for his rights.

Akshay says I have saved this house, and you didn’t take care of it. Vijay says everyone knows what you did. Why are you counting it? Manisha says it’s important, he’s worked hard for the family, where were you? Since Akshay was staying here, he handled the house. If you mean what he did, it isn’t a big deal.

Mauli says no. Swara says I can’t believe you’re the girl who saved Mini from a wrong marriage. Tanvi says I’ve seen two sides of a person. Mauli says I’m doing what’s suitable for my dad. Vijay says you’re greedy, I can’t believe you. Ajanta asks Manoj if he wants to keep the share. He nods. I’ll talk to Mauli later, she says incredible.

Vijay says it is good that Akshay told us about the house. We now know that Manoj wants the house, not forgiveness. He pushes Manoj. Rahul thinks Mauli isn’t such, but Manoj is supporting her.

During Nanhe’s scolding, Vaibhav comes and watches. She asks Swara to pack her bags and leave. He says he doesn’t want anything from her. He says I don’t want anything from her. Nevertheless, Vaibhav says he wants a share. We won’t move until we get our share. The house’s price will be high, so why should we bear the loss since we only have one house?

Ajay says this house is made up of memories, Mum and Dad’s love, and you want me to sell it for some money. If you loved this house, you wouldn’t have left it, Vaibhav says. When Ajay raises his hand, Vijay stops him. Mauli thinks we will stay here for sure, and Janki is angry.

Manoj says it would have been impossible for everyone to leave today if you hadn’t done this. Thanks, Mauli. She says we won’t go without uniting them. He says you were their favourite, but you became their enemy today. She says it’s okay; I hope nobody talks about going back. Vijay asks how Manoj and Mauli were talking. I can’t believe it. Think about what Janki is going through. Fine. If they’ve decided, I’ll see if Manoj takes his share.

Tanvi says Ajay always raises his hand to Vaibhav. She gives food to Akshay. She says Janki hasn’t eaten anything. Akshay worries. Hari comes to Janki and apologizes. Jyoti gets food. Janki says we will decide about the house.

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