Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th March 2024: Mini Stands Up Against Vicky’s Abuse

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

It begins with Jyoti asking why you didn’t tell me why. Mini says Vicky threatened to defame me and my family. She hugs Jyoti and says don’t worry, I’ll marry Vicky and adjust to him. I won’t hurt the family. Akshay says Mini didn’t come till now. Mauli thinks we can’t let you ruin your life. Mini asks Jyoti to come.

Mauli gets an idea. Janki sees Mauli. Mauli messages Vicky from Mini’s phone to come and meet her. Vicky goes. Mini comes for Rasam. Everyone applies haldi to her. Jyoti thinks I cannot see my daughter sad. She shows the wounds to everyone. She cries. Everyone is shocked. Manoj asks what happened to Mini. Jyoti claims Vicky hurt Mini.

Vicky comes to meet Mauli. He says you want to do a drama again, I’ll slap you more, why did you call me here, Mini. Mauli turns angry. Jyoti asks Mini to tell the truth. Akshay says she can say it. Bade Papa says tell us, he says. Rahul says wait, Mini won’t talk today, but Guddi will. Vaibhav asks if you have lost your mind. Guddi can’t speak.

The photos and videos are recorded, so Rahul says she doesn’t need to speak. Vicky hurts Mini. Everyone is shocked. Suprabha worries. Mini came to ask Akshay for help. He didn’t trust her because she doesn’t have proof. The family doesn’t support her. If you don’t support her now, you can’t forgive yourself for the rest of your life. Everyone supports Mini, including Jyoti.

In Suprabha’s mind, Vicky had been exposed, but where did he go? Mauli asks why you would raise your hand against Mini. She beats him with a whip. He screams and says you are doing wrong. She scolds him. He shouts enough. He pushes Mauli. As he goes to beat Mini, Janki throws a coconut at his head and stops him. He takes the whip and says you provoked Mini against me and were lecturing me so that I will show you.

He says you came on right time, otherwise Mauli would have molested me, she messaged me from Mini’s phone and called me here to meet me, and he asked me why she called me. She slaps him. She says Mauli is my bahu; don’t blame her character. She scolds him. Akshay says I won’t leave you. How dare you touch my daughter. He slaps Vicky.

Suprapratha says slap my son, how dare you. Janki thinks he should get one more slap. I should slap myself for not believing Mini, who told us that Vicky beat her, but we didn’t listen to her, so I’m breaking this relationship; your son shouldn’t be with any girl. Everyone comes to Mauli’s house. Mauli says the relationship failed because the girl couldn’t handle his anger and temper.

Akshay says you lied to me. Vicky says Mauli’s lying. Mauli asks whether they should speak to Shweta. Vicky says you know about Mini, too. She’s not good, and she’s preparing to run to Bangalore. Suprabha says so, and she has a lover there. Bade Papa asks what nonsense. Janki says enough, Suprabha. Don’t worry about Mini. I won’t leave her.

In response to Vicky’s claims, he checks his phone and says the video is there. Mauli signs Mini. She recalls deleting it from his phone. Rahul smiles. Mauli asks what happened. Didn’t you get the video? Vicky says I do not want to marry. Rahul says stop. You have come to the temple, so take Prasad and leave. He tells Mini to do right for the wrong he did and settle the scores for him and many girls like her. She slaps Vicky.

We won’t leave you, Suprabah says. Vicky and his parents leave. Mini cries. Janki apologizes to her. She asks Mini to be happy. Akshay apologizes and hugs Mini. Manoj gets happy when Janki says, “I’m proud of you, Mauli.”. He says Rahul, you always supported your sister. A brother should be like this. He thanks her. Janki says we should change ourselves and protect the family of women. They all smile. Rahul signs a thumbs up to Mauli.

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