Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th September 2023 Written Update


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Angad tells Sahiba that since she lives alone in a hostel away from her family and needs money to cover her expenses, she should accept it. Although Sahiba thought he really admired her art, she was wrong. She says she wore his gifted gown even after she didn’t like it as he wanted to see her in it, but she now realizes he wanted to see Seerat in him.

She looks happy without him, but she uses him constantly and is elated that she got a big break because of him. Angad asks if he is out of his mind. Sahiba keeps accusing him by describing the experiments he conducted on her. Angad walks away saying the world will end but not Sahiba and Angad’s fight.

With teary eyes, Sahiba walks to the water vending machine. He says he has a great artist in his college whose paintings are being praised a lot in art galleries, but his mother is upset because of some stupid person who upsets her. Sahiba wonders why he is speaking about her to his mother.

Rumi acts as noticing her and apologizes for speaking about her to his mother, saying he felt bad for her and thus spoke to his mother about her. Sahiba drinks water and leaves after thanking him. Rumi believes he has spoken his heart out today and he will soon speak her heart out too. He offers her water and says they feel better when they drink water when they are upset.

Ajith inquires about the deterioration of Angad and Sahiba’s relationship. Upon Rumi’s arrival at home, he sketches their portrait and reflects on the delightful moments shared today, which will forever remain etched in his memory. As Rumi assures Sahiba of dealing with Angad, Ajith offers to provide emotional support if needed before leaving. Veer checks on Angad’s well-being and he confesses to being unable to reveal that his daughter left him without any explanation.

In the garden, Angad recalls the fight he had with Sahiba at night. Seerat approaches him and asks why he is upset. Angad answers that he is fine. The maid brings him a parcel. The Ludhiana Art Gallery sent Sahiba’s painting as a gift for him, and Seerat asks him what Sahiba wants to prove. Angad says forget it. Seerat notices a plain canvas and asks Angad why Sahiba sent him one.

The confused Angad does not fall asleep after recalling Sahiba’s words. He hears someone in the bathroom and walks in, shocked to see Karthik touching Sahiba’s stuff. As he drags him out of the bathroom, he shouts who he is and how dare he touch his wife’s personal items.

Veer interrupts and explains that Karthik joined in on their partying. Angad questions why Karthik was in his bathroom. Karthik clarifies that he needed to use the restroom and since Veer was already using it, he came to Angad’s. Angad points out that he hasn’t seen Karthik around before. Veer clarifies that they just met today at the party, where Veer noticed Karthik’s interest in music and invited him over to see his instruments. Veer reveals that Karthik studies photography at Sahiba’s college. Upon hearing this, Karthik asks if Angad is Sahiba’s husband. He also mentions being impressed by Sahiba’s dance at the party, despite noticing her upset demeanor at the exhibition earlier. Veer then takes Karthik away from Angad, leaving him irritated.


He finds Angad’s watch and blood-stained shirt in the parcel, along with a note that he took Angad out of her life, and now she belongs to him. He runs on the road worried for Angad. Rumi stops his jeep and asks what she is doing here. Sahiba says Angad’s life is in danger. Rumi says he will help her. She jumps into Rumi’s jeep. He grins at her.


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