Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update


As Sudha informs Brars, Seerat is her older niece. Santosh is confronted by Manveer again by Manveer for lying about seeing Seerat as her only child. Ajith says he has three daughters. Santosh claims she said three daughters and Manveer heard it wrong and then says she loves Seerat more than her other two children and considers her as her only child.

Santosh says that as Seerat is her elder daughter, she loves her the most. Garry continues to impress Seerat and describes her as a complete woman. She feels awestruck.

She recalls Angad discussing global warming and business while Garry proposed with a diamond ring. He asks how Angad proposed to her. Garry says Angad was told to recite a poem while proposing to Seerat. Angad recites a poem, impressing her more, and says it is a waste of time since Angad has already proposed.

Angad asks Santosh about her other 2 daughters. Her younger daughter attends an international college, but she does not know its name. She says her second daughter is an international artist and works with her papa. Santosh says Angad likes artists, so he wants to meet her soon.

Santosh thinks he will run away from here if he meets Sahiba. Ajith takes Santosh aside and asks why she lied about her only daughter and about their daughters’ college and profession. When Brars find out about our poverty, Santosh threatens Ajith to commit suicide if he tells Brars the truth.

When Sahiba calls the cab driver Santosh hired, he finds out that Seerat was dropped off at a banquet hall, not a beauty parlour. When Sahiba reaches the banquet hall and shows Seerat’s photo, the watchman says he hasn’t seen her. In a room, she finds out that she is inside. She walks in and asks someone again.

As Ajith and Santosh wait for Seerat, Gurleen and Prabjot taunt Angad for his impatience. Sudha wonders what are Ajith and Santosh doing for such a long time.

A bike breaks down as Keerat speeds towards Sudha’s house with sweets. She asks for a lift, but no one stops. She curses the drivers and lays stones on the road. Veer stops and wonders who put stones on the road. He returns to his car and finds Keerat seated in the backseat. Sudha asks Santosh to serve Brars the snacks prepared by Sahiba.

Ajith says it is better to suffer humiliation for bad snacks than bad hospitality. Santosh agrees. Ajith says her daughter who lies so much will bring disgrace to her and blacken her face.

When Garry takes Seerat to a room, he continues to impress her with sugar-coated words. He presents her with a beautiful diamond necklace and asks her what she wants to be changed in her life. She thinks that she wants to change Angad with Garry because she cannot ignore Garry’s loving words. Garry is about to propose to her when Sahiba enters the room.

Precap: Angad asks Sahiba what she’s doing here and asks Seerat if she knows Sahiba. Seerat anxiously replies maybe yes. Manveer asks Angad to calm down. Sahiba is here for a reason. Sahiba fears Angad has found out the truth. As Ajith enters, Angad stops Sahiba from leaving.

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