Anupama 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

In yesterday’s episode we saw Anupama with the Shah family joining them in the Holi celebrations. Anuj blames Anupama for being insensitive and not caring about their daughter.

Anupama’s chain gets stuck in Anuj’s shirt button.  She looks hopefully at him but he just removes the chain and walks away.  Just then his bracelet gets stuck in her Saree.  She tells him that how much ever he tries he will not be able to leave her.  She requests him to open his heart out.  Dheeraj says when Anupama broke down Anuj had helped her out and now its Anupama’s turn.

Anupama asks Anuj how she can convince him that how much she is in pain with Little Anu going.  Anuj says pain can be seen on the face and during the Holi festival all he saw was her smiles and happiness.  Anupama tells him that he feels that Little Anu has gone for good but she feels that they can meet Little Anu sometimes.  She asks him to have some patience and everything will get well soon.  He says he cannot live on false promises.  He says she should not have let their daughter go away.  Because of her he has lost his daughter.


He says what was in his heart has gone forever.  His daughter Little Anu has gone forever.  There is nothing in his heart now.  No feelings, no love, nothing.  Just emptiness.  Anupama tells him that she will always be with him.  He says he does not want anything now.  Not even Anupama.

Anupama with a heartbroken voice asks him that he does not want her anymore.  Does he hate her so much?

Anuj says he cannot hate her but does not know whether he loves her anymore.  Anupama asks him whether he does not know or he does not love her. Anuj says he does not know whether he loves her now.  Whenever he looks at her he remembers his daughter going and his loss.  He is felling suffocated after Little Anu going.  Everything around is making him feeling suffocated.  Anupama asks him if he is feeling suffocated with their relationship too?  He replies that he does not know.  Anuj says that now his relationship is only with pain and not with her.  And when now there is no relationship how can they live together. What is the use of living in such a relationship. Anuj says there is no relationship between us anymore. She is on one side with her blood relations and her children and on the other side he is there with his pain, his loneliness.  Our relationship is in name only now and he does not want to continue with this relationship.

Anupama is heartbroken.  She remembers the moment Anuj proposed to her and they got married.  Anuj remembers the moments he spent with Little Anu and then get saying bye and going away with Maaya. 

Pyar hai ya sazaa, Aye mere dil bata,

Toot ta kyon nahi, Dard ka silsila,

Iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan,

Yeh pyar likhe kaisi kaisi dastan,

Hasmukh is feeling uncomfortable and feels something is wrong somewhere.

Devika gets angry. She tells Anuj that Little Anu has gone of her own accord and Anupama has not sent her.  If Anupama had forcibly stopped her then Maaya would have gone to court.  Ankush says that just because he is upset he cannot just say anything to Anupama.  Devika reminds Anuj that if he has lost his daughter then Anupama too has lost her daughter.  If he is sad then Anupama too is broken and sad. Just because Anupama smiled with her kids during Holi celebrations he cannot question her feelings. Dheeraj reminds him that he had told him about how good Anupama is.  Dimple tells him that their love story is an inspiration to everyone so please don’t talk of separation. Devika asks how how dare he say that their relationship is in name only now. Life is not a game where now we are tired of playing so we stop.  Just because daughter is gone that does not mean wife does not matter anymore.

Dheeraj says we are all upset and angry just now.  So lets take a break and we will talk later but Devika refuses to stop. Devika demands an answer from Anuj and tells him that he has to say sorry to Anupama for all that he has said to her.  Devika tells Anuj that he has only seen Anupama sending Little Anu.  He has not realized that after a certain age couples just want to relax and settle.  And at a time when Anupama should be relaxing he gave her the responsibility of looking after Little Anu which she happily accepted. Anupama fought with the Shah family for Little Anu. At that time Anupama was right and now she is wrong she asks Anuj.  This is the same Anupama who always fought for what is right.  She made her daughter leave the house when her daughter was wrong and that time Anuj felt that Anupama is right.  Now just because Anupama has let Little Anu go that means she is wrong? How can he doubt Anupama’s feelings for Little Anu?  She is also broken with Little Anu going but she is being strong because she needs to take care of Anuj now. Devika tells Anuj that Anupama is forgetting her pain and tolerating his anger just for his sake.  Devika also says that she always thought there was a vast difference between him and Vanraj but now she says she is wrong because there is no difference between the two of them.

Devika reminds him again that they were just Little Anu’s foster parents.  Maaya is her biological mother and Anupama could not do anything in that situation. If he was so upset, why did he not try to stop Maaya.  After all Little Anu is his daughter too. Why does he expect Anupama to do everything.  Why did he not make any attempt to stop Little Anu. When Anupama is not blaming him for not stopping Little Anu from going why is he blaming Anupama? She says today he is insulting Gods blessing that he has got.

Anuj angrily gets up and asks her to stop and stay out of this situation.  She may be a friend but she has no right to say anything because this is between the two of them only.  He says he meant every word he said to Anupama. 

Anuj walks away.  Anupama’s saree again gets stuck in his bracelet but he just pulls his hand and walks away.

Precap: Anupama requests Anuj not to go away.  She says she will die without him.

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