Anupama 22nd March, 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

In today’s episode we see how Anuj is upset when he sees Anupama so happily celebrating with her kids. Will Anuj and Anupama’s marriage survive this ordeal?

The Shah family is dancing and celebrating Holi and trying to bring a smile to Anupama’s face. Anupama smiles when she sees Anuj entering and stretching his hands to her. She runs and hugs him. Little Anu is also with him, and the three of them color each other. Anuj and Anupama dance with Little Anu. But then Anupama realizes she has been dreaming all this while, and Anuj has not come. 

She forcefully dances with her children. She laughs when she sees Pari and, with a smile, applies colour to her kids. Just then, Anuj enters and sees her happily celebrating Holi with everyone. He wonders how he is alone in his sorrows while Anupama is celebrating with everyone. 

Anupama is finally happy that Anuj has come.  She runs towards him with colour in her hands. She applies colour to his forehead and wishes him happy Holi.  She puts her hand forward for him to put colour on her.  He says Holi can be pleased for her but not for him.  He reacts very angrily.  When everyone, including Anupama, asks if all is okay, he asks how she can ask what has happened.  He says how can a mother dance and celebrate when her daughter has just left her and gone.  He cannot stop crying, and she is celebrating.  How could she forget their daughter so soon?  He says neither he nor Little Anu was around, but she was celebrating happily.  Their absence made no difference to her because she had her family.  Only he is left alone. 

He says Holi has become more colourful for her now because she is no longer responsible for their daughter.  She is now free to visit the Shah family anytime.  He cries and forcefully takes her hand and applies colour to himself.  The entire family is just staring, shocked.  He brings colour, keeps throwing himself, and asks everyone to continue celebrating Holi.    He wishes Anupama all the happiness of Holi.  He says the happiness is only hers and not his. 

Anuj leaves.  Samar reacts angrily and says nobody can speak so rudely to his mother.  Anupama warns Samar not to interfere between her and her husband.  Anupama goes and keeps walking behind Anuj.  Devika and Dheeraj also leave. 

Do Dil Aise Milenge.. song playing in the background.

Hasmukh says Anuj is unaware of what he is saying in his present state of mind and does not realise how his words will affect their relationship.  Kavya says they are responsible as because of them, Anupama could not spend much time with Little Anu, and Maaya took advantage of the situation.  Vanraj laughs and says Anupama always thought that Anuj was the best person in this Universe and that the Shah family were part of his fan club.  Now, we can see that Anuj also tells lies and gets angry.  Vanraj says that now everyone will say that Anuj is reacting because his daughter has left him and is gone.  He also says this happens as a father responds differently when his kids are concerned and a mother reacts differently.

Hasmukh is upset and goes to speak to Anuj.  Kavya and Paakhi agree to go, but Vanraj stops them, saying Anupama does not want anyone to interfere.

Anuj tries to contact Little Anu by phone, but she does not pick up the phone. He turns around and bumps into Anupama. 


Anuj wants to end his marriage. Anupama asks him to open his heart and tell her everything he feels. He replies that he is suffocated in her presence and does not want to continue their relationship anymore.

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