Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Update: Anupama’s Culinary Adventure and Emotional Journey

Anupama written update

Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama makes halwa. Vikram tells Anupama that my mother used to say to me that there would be two ways in the world, one way would take him to the threadmill and the other to the halwa. Anupama asks which way you have chosen. Vikram says halwa one. Anupama says it’s seen. He asks about the ingredients. You told me about an Indian store, so I went there with money given to me by Yashpal sir’s mother. Vikram says he gave much quantity for less money.

When I told Patel Bhai that I had this much money, he said that Indians help Indians overseas and welcomed me to the U.S. Vikram said all things are available here. Anupama says she wants to use Yashpal sir’s stuff for her daughter, Shruti’s daughter. She says she thought of taking a halwa cake with her. She says Yashpal ji gave me half a day.

Everyone is told to be honest until they are dishonest since honesty is the most costly hobby, and when you are rich, you are honest. He says you are making halwa, but if American kids like it, you are really rich. Anupama says she is unaware and says Shruti and her fiance will like it. She says it is said in India, where kids and elders are there, we won’t leave empty-handed. She tells him she will keep a bowl for him. Vikram thanks her.

Shruti tells Anuj when that lady will arrive. Anuj says nothing. He says he has a strange feeling. Anupama says she has to prepare a special dish for the weekend. She says she doesn’t know if customers will like it or not. Vikram says the boss doesn’t want anyone’s made food so quickly. She says she has to make it. Anupama hopes that Shruti, her daughter, and fiance AK will love your halwa after eating it.

Vanraj ponders Titu’s confrontation and his exercise routine when Kavya approaches him to apologize for her previous actions. He reminds her to be cautious with her words, which can have consequences. Kavya reflects on how she prioritized her daughter in the past. Vanraj points out that she always follows Anupama’s teachings, where a woman is considered remarkable for her selflessness and ability to care for others before herself. He stresses that these are not his words but Anupama’s own beliefs. Vanraj urges Dimpy and Kavya to strive to become good daughters-in-law and wives while he takes care of the rest.

Anupama prepares the cake and mentions meeting Shruti and her fiance tomorrow. Afterward, she takes a moment to write in her diary, reflecting on the day. She expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work with Yashpal ji, learn from him, and receive a part-time job offer from Shruti. When she notices a wish card, she writes in it despite any potential disappointment. Memories of Anuj and Choti’s accusations flood her mind, leading her to regret losing what she once had. Overcome with emotions, and tears fall from her eyes while Anuj becomes restless, consumed by thoughts of Anupama. In the background, the song “Main Yahan Tu Wahan” plays softly.

Dimpy serves food to everyone at the table. Vanraj calls her. Dimpy drops water on his foot mistakenly and tries to wipe it with her dupatta. He stops her and keeps his hand on her head, saying daughters do not touch their feet. Baa says my son thinks of you so much. Kavya believes they are cuffing her feet by calling her daughter. Pakhi tells him she is heading to her friend’s house. Dimpy would have packed Ishani’s tiffin if you had told them earlier.

Pakhi reveals that she won’t take Ishani and plans to spend time with her friends. Baa expresses concern about Pakhi not looking after Ishani since she arrived but assures her that Kavya and Dimpy are caring for her. Vanraj urges Pakhi to leave, and she asks if she can borrow his new car to show her friends. He agrees and asks Dimpy to stay home before leaving. Kavya then suggests having Pari, Mahi, Ansh, and Ishani chat on video. Baa comments that Kavya speaks like Anupama, as she was the one who kept the family together while we caused her pain. She hopes that Anupama is doing well wherever she may be.

Anupama visits Anuj’s house, where Shruti greets her at the door. Upon noticing flour on Shruti’s face, Anupama attempts to remove it with her pallu. However, Shruti declines, not wanting to damage her saree. She invites Anupama inside and places a halwa cake and masala tea gift for Shruti on the table. Requesting for a wish list, Shruti expresses surprise as she observes Anupama efficiently working in the kitchen. She praises her and asks if she could make Indian food for AK. Declining any material gifts, Anupama insists that Shruti rest while she takes over the kitchen. Shruti appreciates her offer and mentions that she doesn’t mind if Anupama takes charge of the kitchen. However, Anupama humbly responds that the kitchen belongs to Shruti, not her. As they chat, Shruti plays a song that saddens Anupama.


Anupama is dancing at the party. Aadhya calls Anuj, who says he will be there in 10 minutes. Aadhya thinks Pops will not see Anupama here.

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